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king_buzzo 10.09.2006 07:00 AM

sister appreciation!!!
SISTER. best album..

sun city girl 10.09.2006 07:51 AM

yeah, absolutely!

porkmarras 10.09.2006 07:56 AM

Whoaaaarrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! !!!!!

Jico 10.09.2006 07:58 AM

pure delight

sonic sphere 10.09.2006 08:06 AM

great album but cis is my personal favourite

alyasa 10.09.2006 09:11 AM

I went away/to see an old friend of mine/His sister came over/She was out of her mind/


HaydenAsche 10.09.2006 10:06 AM

Stretch me to the point where I STOP.

blue sunlover 10.09.2006 10:26 AM

ok here i appologize again(i mean it)

sorry sorry sorry .take your glory . i m done i came undone

every one sing good bye dude.......point

Everyneurotic 10.09.2006 10:27 AM

why don't you go start a sister appreciation thread in dinosaur jr's board or something, i mean it's not like it's safe to get people to agree with you about it here or anything...

HaydenAsche 10.09.2006 10:28 AM

He should live at the Dino board.

I hate Dino.

Disgruntled Youth 10.09.2006 01:17 PM

I'd say awesome but not the best, I would say 2nd.

king_buzzo 10.09.2006 01:28 PM


Originally Posted by HaydenAsche
He should live at the Dino board.

I hate Dino.

i cant sign up for that board, they never send confirmation emails.... sorry

!@#$%! 10.09.2006 01:31 PM

i was listening to EVOL this past weekend. still my favorite SY album.

unfortunately this was in CD format.

i had been playing nurse before and what a difference

now the biggest goal in my life is to score me an original mint condition EVOL LP, with the infinite groove in xpressway & no bubblegum

oh yes!

well not my biggest goal in life ha ha but it would be nice

SISTER comes 2nd to EVOL maybe for me, but to each their own, no?

oooh i want to go home & listen to records

i just reorganized my stuff and now i can access it all without spasm-inducing moves.

porkmarras 10.09.2006 01:32 PM

Is Evol that difficult to find on vinyl?

greenlight 10.09.2006 01:50 PM

seven. seven! hahaha.

noisemachine 10.09.2006 01:56 PM

I got a excellent condition EVOL vinyl on ebay for about $20 a few months back. I have found that old SY vinyl is pretty tough to find if you just look in record stores, but they are pretty abundant on eBay.

king_buzzo 10.09.2006 02:09 PM


LittlePuppetBoy 10.09.2006 03:04 PM

For some reason, Sister doesn't seem to have much of an effect on me. I know it's supposed to be great....but I don't get that feeling of "WHOA! this is fantastic!"

Maybe it was because I had high expectations because of DDN

finding nobody 10.09.2006 03:20 PM

I didnt like the album at all at first. But, now of course, it rocks,
and rolls.

scott v 10.09.2006 03:39 PM

Sister which is my fav. has the finest collection of songs, and alot of those songs translate very well live in my opinion (i.e. schizophrenia, white kross, catholic block, pch, kotton krown) though unfortunately the recording quality is intentionally fucking weird but thats the charm in it... EVOL is my 2nd fav.

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