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Cantankerous 03.23.2007 12:24 AM

how tall are you?
just curious.
i'm about 5'7" or 5'8".

SynthethicalY 03.23.2007 12:25 AM

I'm short, 5'4.

val-holla-ing 03.23.2007 12:28 AM

i'm about 5'7 and always wished i was taller.

Norma J 03.23.2007 12:29 AM

Average height leaning towards tall.

jennthebenn 03.23.2007 12:57 AM

5'10", to be precise.

SynthethicalY 03.23.2007 12:58 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
5'8" almost 5'9" bareftot...too tall i think.

like 6ft when wearing these...

Those are some sexy boots.

SynthethicalY 03.23.2007 01:00 AM

Are you going to be sporting them in the SY concert in L.A?

SynthethicalY 03.23.2007 01:04 AM

I will get the tickets tomorrow, if they are not sold out already.

Cantankerous 03.23.2007 01:06 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
Probably. When going to shows I like to wear some ass stomping boots/shoes just in case I have to get crazy. Plus they're fun to dance in.

I can not wait for that fucking show by the way! :)

i hate it if i have open-toed shoes on at a show and assholes step on my feet. it fucks up my nail polish. and it hurts.
i'm just a little obsessed with my feet.

ALIEN ANAL 03.23.2007 01:09 AM

5'9" around there.

SynthethicalY 03.23.2007 01:10 AM

Fuck, then I will wait.

Cantankerous 03.23.2007 01:18 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
You are so like me in some ways its scary. I have a self inflicted foot fetish of sorts. I go and get pedicures like twice a month... They're killer. I have not gone without polish on my toes in about 8 years. I wear toe rings and prefer to be barefoot; but, I also have a slight obsession with cute shoes.

i have a special thing that looks like a cheese grater that's designed to get all the calloused and dead skin off your feet which i use religiousy...toenails must be trimmed, filed, etc... i don't go get pedicures though, i'm too paranoid about bacteria and i don't want other people touching my feet.
i prefer OPI nail polish, it stays on the longest.

don't even ask how many pairs of shoes i have. a whole lot is the answer.

youthoftomorrow 03.23.2007 01:30 AM

6'2" on my driver's license (although i'm convinced that i'm 6'3").

my big brother is 6'5" and my little brother is 6'3" and still growing. i'm more than a little pissed about that.

Norma J 03.23.2007 01:36 AM

You have your height on your license?

Cantankerous 03.23.2007 01:38 AM

yeah you do. i forgot about that, i'll have to look at what it says.

edit: it says 5'7"

youthoftomorrow 03.23.2007 01:39 AM


Originally Posted by Norma J
You have your height on your license?

Sex: M
Height: 6 02
Weight: 200
Hair: Bro
Eyes: Blu

Expires: 09/21/2009

Date of Birth: 09/16/1988

UNDER 21 UNTIL 09/16/2009

Cantankerous 03.23.2007 01:40 AM

when i went to get mine they had to ask my natural hair color.

SynthethicalY 03.23.2007 01:41 AM

What is it?

Cantankerous 03.23.2007 01:42 AM

my natural hair color hasn't seen the light of day in many years, but my roots are almost black. i'm going to say dark brown.

Norma J 03.23.2007 01:42 AM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
And your weight, eye color, hair color, address, phone, sex, whether you need glasses or not, etc.

Over here we only have name, DOB, address, and if you're an organ donar then it has that too.

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