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Danny Himself 10.28.2007 08:22 AM

SY Gossip Fan Tribute Album - Volume 3
Sonic Youth Gossip

Record a Sonic Youth cover, by yourself or with your friends! Upload it to a file sharing website like Badongo or Yousendit and send me a private message with the download link inside. I'll compile them all and with help from everybody with cover art and sequencing, we can have our very own Sonic Youth Gossip Tribute Albums. So far we have completed two volumes, and the project is now accepting submissions for volume 3!

Swing by our site, to download previous volumes and find out a little more about the people behind the covers. Big up to nicfit.

General guidelines:
multiple submissions by one person: no.
submissions of one person in combination with others: yes
be creative, try not to just recreate a song

Submissions we have recieved so far:

Ghost Bitch - eatmychild
Silver Wax Lips - Silver Son
Hoarfrost - GrungeMonkey
Do You Believe In Rapture? - Coca Koma
Panty Lies - tasteinmen
Sacred Trickster - alex_could
Society is a Hole - Thomas.w
Death Valley 69 - krastian
Inhuman - Danny Himself

soapbars 10.28.2007 01:01 PM

i think ill join in this time,

now ive just got to think of what song i should do

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 10.28.2007 01:31 PM

im in!

Disgruntled Youth 10.28.2007 01:39 PM

This is awsome!!!! Maybe in the future I could do some Sonic Dubs!!!!

forkimified 10.28.2007 02:53 PM

Still haven't gotten around to recording my Teenage Riot version, but that could be coming soon...

nicfit 10.28.2007 03:17 PM

Ok, nicfit+diesel = Society Is A Hole.
This means we will have a vol.4 too, since I've another thing to get done with other people. YEAH!

nicfit 10.29.2007 06:30 AM

Does that imply that "our" Society will be shitty? ah ha kidding. :D
I'll get it finished soon and send you the file yeahhhh, lovely digital 8 trackerssss

finding nobody 10.29.2007 07:19 PM

That's pretty damn metal

Green_mind 10.29.2007 07:20 PM

cracking guitar, looks funky.
I want to contribute to this one if I can, but not too sure what I can do yet.

Danny Himself 10.29.2007 08:20 PM

I am hoping to contribute to this volume having missed out on volume 2. I know I wanna do a folksified version of something, but I don't know what..

nicfit 10.30.2007 04:43 AM


Originally Posted by Danny Himself
I am hoping to contribute to this volume having missed out on volume 2. I know I wanna do a folksified version of something, but I don't know what..


Danny Himself 10.30.2007 06:08 AM

Hmm.. it's a possibility. Though I was thinking of a Lee song.

nicfit 10.30.2007 06:15 AM

rats would be interesting to "change"... butttt, I don't want to distract your inspiration :D , go with the flow, young Danny!

Danny Himself 10.30.2007 06:23 AM

Ah yes!

screamingskull 10.30.2007 06:39 AM

oh oh, i could try and do a Macbeth cover. although the only recording equipment i have is Apples Garage Band. and i don't even know how to use it.

CHOUT 10.30.2007 10:06 PM

I'm gonna do another, and I have some friends who are interested.

Silver Son 11.01.2007 09:15 AM

I would like to do a cover of one of the silver session tracks.
When I have choosen one i'll report back.

Danny Himself 11.01.2007 09:29 AM

Sweet! Noise!!

jon boy 11.07.2007 06:29 AM

ok i will do a version of dirty boots. yikes!

raging_nelly 11.08.2007 08:49 AM

I'm in... dunno what or how im gonna do it tho

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