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schizophrenicroom 04.15.2006 09:24 PM

Unpopular Musical Opinions
i've always liked this thread. go ahead.

pet sounds sucks.

elvis costello's best album was this year's model.

nomadicfollower 04.15.2006 09:27 PM

Wolf Eyes suck.

John Violence 04.15.2006 09:28 PM


Originally Posted by nomadicfollower
Wolf Eyes suck.

Wolf Eyes do suck. Thank You.

kingcoffee 04.15.2006 09:30 PM

Pet Sounds was overrated. I was never a Beach Boys fan.

krastian 04.15.2006 09:33 PM

Not again!!!:D

kingcoffee 04.15.2006 09:34 PM

Man, Green Day were never good; just less annoying and sucky. There's a difference.

trance feeeedback 04.15.2006 09:38 PM

Nirvana suck, I am glad Kurt Cobain is dead.

nomadicfollower 04.15.2006 09:40 PM

Hahaha, your in some shit now.

stirling 04.15.2006 09:42 PM

Nancy Sinatra rocks.

TheDom 04.15.2006 09:43 PM

Man, I don't give a shit. There are plenty of good melodies on those records.

marleypumpkin 04.15.2006 09:46 PM

I will agree w/ everything schizo & kingcoffe said about the beach boys, & their stupid album, "pet sounds".

krastian 04.15.2006 09:51 PM

All hail the brilliant and soothing voice of Brian Wilson!!!

marleypumpkin 04.15.2006 09:54 PM

I just never liked the beach boys, no offense to anyone in this forum. But much offense to the beach boys.

val-holla-ing 04.15.2006 10:30 PM

i thought the first spice girls album was good.

i think nirvana sucks, too.

Alex's Trip 04.15.2006 10:35 PM

Nothing wrong with noise, but there are bands that just take it too far.

schizophrenicroom 04.15.2006 11:29 PM

i hate most springsteen.

marleypumpkin 04.15.2006 11:37 PM

The only springstein song I like is the cover version of, "The Ghost Of Tom Joad", by Rage Against The Machine.

schizophrenicroom 04.15.2006 11:41 PM

i fucking love "born to run", but that's about it.

Lone Flanger 04.15.2006 11:43 PM

The majority of bands that people on this circle jerk factory like do nothing but suck copious amounts of ass.

Tool/APC eat it (duh).

The only thing Mike Patton should ever grace is the logs of a Sex Offender Registry.

marleypumpkin 04.15.2006 11:46 PM

I'm a huge fan of James Taylor's earlier records. (truth)

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