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drrrtyboots 08.08.2006 09:13 PM

Daydream Nation Survivor Pt. 4
Total Trash is what it says apparently.

Teen Age Riot
Silver Rocket
The Sprawl
'Cross The Breeze
Eric's Trip
Hey Joni
Rain King
The Wonder

Cantankerous 08.08.2006 09:16 PM

that was not a very eloquently executed pun, i do declare.

teenage bullshit.

drrrtyboots 08.08.2006 09:18 PM

I don't try to eloquently execute them and thus hope they stop all together. But teenage bullshit? c'mon.

touch me i'm sick 08.08.2006 09:18 PM

teenage riot is ovverrated

finding nobody 08.08.2006 09:19 PM


look into my eyes. dont you trust me?

nope, sorry. i do not

Cantankerous 08.08.2006 09:20 PM

the word overrated is used far too often.

teenage riot is boring.

finding nobody 08.08.2006 09:25 PM

the word overrated is overrated. ahah!@

Cantankerous 08.08.2006 09:25 PM

i contemplated saying that.

Daddylikes 08.08.2006 09:26 PM

Let's make Kissibility go far! (Far Away).

finding nobody 08.08.2006 09:27 PM

wasnt that kim's ciccone youth name?

Style 08.08.2006 09:52 PM

Hey Joni

Magic Wheel Memory 08.08.2006 09:59 PM

Goodbye Hey Joni

acousticrock87 08.08.2006 10:01 PM

The Sprawl

Lipslikewindows 08.08.2006 10:03 PM

Eric's Trip.

Forensic Scene 08.08.2006 10:16 PM

The Wonder

EricsTrip 08.08.2006 10:26 PM

candle 08.08.2006 11:31 PM

Kissability, although I do love it.

Alex's Trip 08.09.2006 12:33 AM


(I don't got Kissability)

Adult-Daypass 08.09.2006 12:50 AM


static-harmony 08.09.2006 12:55 AM

rain king

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