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bubblegum 08.22.2008 05:27 PM

sonic youth- sister

al shabbray 08.22.2008 05:44 PM

panda bear - take pills

batreleaser 08.22.2008 05:45 PM

right now:

earlier: (so many AMAZING wierdo/synth/experimental/noise punk bands that i have been learning about, mostly through drop dead magazine and thier sistor website mutant transmissions, a lota these are records ive just picked up and cant get enough, wierd punk music is when it comes down to it probably my favorite "genre" of music ever, so this is exciting)

new collapse-6 song cd
dandi wind-yolk of the golden egg
sudden infant death syndrome-kandy kane
silver daggers-new high and ord
naked on the vague-the bloodpressure sessions
BIRTH!-the new death
the chinese stars-listen to your left brain

al shabbray 08.22.2008 05:47 PM

cantankerous - sun and moon

king_buzzo 08.22.2008 06:02 PM


Originally Posted by al shabbray
cantankerous - sun and moon

how does one obtain a copy of this?

al shabbray 08.22.2008 06:03 PM

somewhere here was a donwloadlink from her
wait a moment I will upload it, really dont remember where that thread was

king_buzzo 08.22.2008 06:34 PM


can-tago mago

ribbits 08.22.2008 10:14 PM

hanna montana

viewtiful_alan 08.22.2008 10:36 PM



Death & the Maiden 08.22.2008 11:30 PM

Television - The Blow Up

batreleaser 08.23.2008 12:18 AM

is: shellac-at action park
was: the screamers-demos 77/78

MellySingsDoom 08.23.2008 01:02 AM

Ramleh - Too Many Miles

stu666 08.23.2008 05:02 AM

Sonic Youth
Saturday, April 21st, 2001
Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Youth_Against_Facism 08.23.2008 05:17 AM

Just random Tool albums.

Luna 08.23.2008 06:21 AM


Derek 08.23.2008 08:44 AM

Jesu - Conqueror

MellySingsDoom 08.23.2008 09:00 AM

A whole bunch of stuff from the 7 Inch Punk site.

batreleaser 08.23.2008 10:50 AM

weasel walter quartet and double trio-firestorm

all hail the mighty satanist thrash-jazz!

Derek 08.23.2008 10:55 AM

Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica

Torn Curtain 08.23.2008 12:13 PM

Codeine - Vermonstress Sub Pop music festival, Club Metronome, Burlington, Vermont, October 10th, 1992 - SBD (from dime)

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