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Severian 03.29.2021 07:56 AM


Originally Posted by !@#$%!
wow i just found their abundant discography and i had no idea. i saw them touring for fabulous muscles i think: a whole lotta screaming.

so what are your favorite albums by them? i don't have time to listen to all 14 or however many.

(i saw in the track list of their latest they have a collaboration with greg saunier so i'm looking forward to that either way)

Fabulous Muscles is my favorite. I also like A Promise and Air Force — all relatively early at this point.
I like the Twin Peaks one, too.
Sometime in the late ‘00s Xiu Xiu took kind of a turn toward more deliberately offputting and laborious, and I lost some interest. But this new one, OH NO, is pretty sweet so far. It might end up being among my favorites.

g. 04.01.2021 06:58 AM

Alex Somers - Siblings & Siblings 2

Antagon 04.01.2021 04:37 PM


The Soup Nazi 04.01.2021 06:05 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon


You're KIDDING - just today I made a FLAC copy of this one for a friend. Did I use the Aquaman "My Man!" gif already? ;):)

The Soup Nazi 04.01.2021 06:26 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon


From the Mozipedia:


Monochrome Set, The, Arty and artful London post-punk group and one of Morrissey's favourite bands in the years directly before forming The Smiths. Significantly, The Monochrome Set released three singles on Rough Trade in 1979 which, as Johnny Marr has speculated, may have been a factor for Morrissey's preference for the label as a suitable home for The Smiths. Concrete evidence of his obsession with the group can be found in his correspondence with pen pal Robert Mackie circa 1980-1981. Morrissey sent Mackie a postcard of Clark Gable — in itself extremely weird bearing in mind that 20 years later he'd be living in a Hollywood home built by Gable — on the reverse of which he transcribed a verse from 'Ici Les Enfants', a track from their 1980 album Strange Boutique. In November 1980 he'd write to Mackie on the day he spent ₤3.99 on their follow-up album, Love Zombies, also sending him a photocopy of the album sleeve. 'It's a lovely record,' wrote Morrissey, 'but I feel I would enjoy it a lot more if I had a long mac. Actually, I have three.' He'd later chide in Mackie for not having heard the group: 'How can anyone go through life without the dear, cuddly Monochrome Set?'

The Monochrome Set formed out of Hornsey art school punks The B-Sides, an early vehicle for Stuart Goddard, soon to become Adam Ant. (In March 1981 Morrissey would also tell Mackie that 'Adam Ant bores the shit out of me'.) Led by enigmatic Anglo-Indian frontman Ganesh Seshadri, who wrote and performed under the pseudonym of Bid, The Monochrome Set's songs were witty, sexually provocative, intelectually playful and peppered with learned cinematic references from Mae West to Fritz Lang. Bid's lyrics, and the music of guitarist Lester Square, were comparable with Howard Devoto's Magazine in their respective archness and intricacy and as such were of obvious fascination to Morrissey. Consider the morbid affection of 1979's Rough Trade single 'Eine Symphonie Des Grauens': 'I'm dead and dank and rotten/My arms are wrapped in cotton/My corpse loves you, let's marry.' Or the similar black humour of Love Zombies' 'Apocalypso': 'All I desire is a Swiss bank account/Given an OBE and made a Count/Country estate with a resident staff/Acute angina and an epitaph.' It's also worth pointing out the sombre poise of Bid's vocals which may well have influenced Morrissey's early phrasing at the outset of The Smiths.

The Monochrome Set underwent various line-up and label changes during the early 80s, coming dangerously close to the UK singles chart with the crazed indie-gospel of 1985's 'Jacob's Ladder', but -peaking at number 81 - not close enough. They disbanded soon after only to re-form for a handful of albums in the 1990s. Those interested in assessing for themselves the group's stylistic influence upon Morrissey should refer to both the aforementioned Strange Boutique and Love Zombies as well as Volume, Contrast, Brilliance..., an anthology of early singles and radio sessions.

Of course, they've been active again since the past decade, and you can find a bunch of their stuff on Bandcamp. The first two albums have never sounded better (to these ears who never got to hear the original vinyl pressings, at least...).

sy2004 04.02.2021 07:15 AM


Belgian quartet IT IT ANITA quickly distinguished themselves by their solid and loud rock, sweaty riffs and throwbacks to the Nineties. In just a few years they've gained a foothold in this very exciting alternative rock scene. Since their last album Laurent (2018) and the resulting 150 shows through Europe, the band comes up with an overwhelming new album Sauvé. Recorded during summer in 2020 by Amaury Sauvé (Birds in Row, Bison Bisou, etc.). For fans of Metz, Idles, At the Drive-In, USA Nails, Shellac, etc.

TRACKLIST: 1. Ghost / 2. Sermonizer / 3. See Through / 4. More / 5. Authority / 6. Dixon Kentucky / 7. Cucaracha / 8. Routine / 9. MOEDOH / 10. 53

Antagon 04.02.2021 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi
You're KIDDING - just today I made a FLAC copy of this one for a friend. Did I use the Aquaman "My Man!" gif already? ;):)

Well, it was the 1st of April, but absolutely no kidding here. Good stuff.
Indeed, you have :D

Antagon 04.02.2021 03:29 PM


MindSpring Memories - The Binary Ocean

Antagon 04.02.2021 06:41 PM


Hantasi - Vacant Places

Skuj 04.03.2021 02:54 PM

Mogwai - As the Love Continues.

Antagon 04.03.2021 04:58 PM


Piano Magic - Low Birth Weight

Antagon 04.03.2021 05:57 PM


_tunic_ 04.04.2021 07:48 AM


Just listened to the new gy!be album for the first time, the two shorter tracks are the highlights for me so far. The longer two perhaps need some more repeated spins. But they seemed a bit dull to me, like a mixup of what they've done before. Or they need to be heard live, which reminds me that I missed out on their live stream of a couple weeks ago ... and can't find it on YT (yet?)

choc e-Claire 04.04.2021 08:16 AM


_tunic_ 04.04.2021 09:08 AM

I'm in a punk mood so

Vivaldi's Four Seasons recomposed by Max Richter

which was preceeded by some Lubomyr Melnyk

_tunic_ 04.04.2021 11:32 AM

Best moshpit footage ever!

Olafur Arnalds live at Sydney Opera House

Antagon 04.04.2021 11:41 AM


Antagon 04.04.2021 04:16 PM


_tunic_ 04.04.2021 04:42 PM

The Mattheüs Passions? :D

!@#$%! 04.04.2021 06:05 PM

slavooooooooooo! you must hear this...


caterina barbieri - fantas variations

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