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_slavo_ 08.11.2012 05:22 AM


Originally Posted by Genteel Death
Forthcoming race-charged album by our very own slavo.

I love you.
Have you made it to the final track yet?

dirty bunny 08.11.2012 04:16 PM

Young Team by Mogwai

dirty bunny 08.11.2012 05:28 PM


the ikara cult 08.11.2012 08:43 PM

Its the middle of the night, time for Idea Fire Company

SpaceCadetHayden 08.12.2012 12:07 AM

Cat Power's Dear, Sir

raindrop 08.12.2012 12:21 AM

Fallen by Evanescence

stu666 08.12.2012 07:55 AM


the ikara cult 08.12.2012 08:56 AM

I cant even play the guitar, let alone molest it like this


Pelle 08.12.2012 10:48 AM


SpaceCadetHayden 08.12.2012 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by foreverasskiss
honestly. i thought i was a racist untill i was four years old(motown and james brown not included, thanks mommy). gee, how misunderstood can a person be? the question is not "what are you listening too" but "what kind of music would you make".

it's all an act and just a message board. i love you and the charge was free this time.;) i have good connections and he said... " it's on the house dude".\

indefinable music in my head. this is only half of my confession.------> see personel diary for more enlightening insight which i cretin(ly) withhold.


what kind of medications are you on

stu666 08.13.2012 04:17 PM

I saw this group last week and had not heard of them before but I was really impressed. I think a few people on here would also be into them (Bytor). You can download this album for free from their site:


SpaceCadetHayden 08.13.2012 09:16 PM


EvdWee 08.14.2012 05:04 AM


Torn Curtain 08.14.2012 05:25 AM

sonic sphere 08.14.2012 11:14 AM


dirty bunny 08.14.2012 04:33 PM

A song called Skogens Hjarta by Hypothermia. It's an hour long(!).

Genteel Death 08.15.2012 05:58 AM


Originally Posted by foreverasskiss


i couldn't help myself from hearing this again. better now than when i was listening to it in 1953.

If you listen to that fucking album once more I'll chop your ears off, you motherfucker!

A Thousand Threads 08.15.2012 06:33 AM


Leonard Hatred 08.15.2012 07:04 AM


Step Father Christmas 08.15.2012 07:45 AM

MBV - Loveless

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