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TheFoxBen 07.20.2010 12:04 PM

^ Haven't heard this one but I love Robyn Hitchcock ! I Often Dream of Trains is great.

I'm currently listening to :


sonic sphere 07.20.2010 01:27 PM


automatic bzooty 07.20.2010 02:57 PM


Torn Curtain 07.20.2010 04:30 PM

The Go-Betweens - U4, Vienna, Austria, May 20, 1987 FM (from dime)

viewtiful alan redux 07.20.2010 09:03 PM




Ghostchase 07.20.2010 10:01 PM


sonic sphere 07.21.2010 04:28 AM


noisereductions 07.21.2010 07:21 AM


Originally Posted by The Earl Of Slander

Last Call is too good.

this is one of those LP's that's unbelievably good. Like I literally forget how good it is, adn then I wanna hear one song and then listen to the whole thing like "oh yeah! Tha'ts right!"

noisereductions 07.21.2010 07:22 AM


Originally Posted by The Earl Of Slander

awesome!! "whutchu realy know about the dirtay south???"

noisereductions 07.21.2010 07:23 AM


Originally Posted by stu666
apparently some of the music is early tracks by BoC

woah! Never heard of this.

sonic sphere 07.21.2010 01:46 PM


viewtiful alan redux 07.21.2010 02:02 PM



Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.21.2010 02:29 PM


SYRFox 07.21.2010 04:16 PM



Genteel Death 07.21.2010 04:24 PM

Blues Control- Local Flavor
Happy birthday Lea Control!

Torn Curtain 07.21.2010 04:38 PM

Björk - 2001-12-19, Laugardagshöll, Reykjavík, Iceland (from dime)

nicfit 07.21.2010 05:04 PM


can't stop.

Genteel Death 07.21.2010 05:18 PM


Originally Posted by nicfit

can't stop.

What's that like? She's sporting the best look in pop at the moment. Also, check out Hype Williams. Best Inghilterra entity(not enough of them for a band) in aeons. They're like Strangulated Beatoffs if they recorded all their records after the grass really took off. They're also total shits when it comes to turn up for gigs they're booked to play, apparently.

SYRFox 07.21.2010 05:40 PM

I love that new M.I.A. album.

viewtiful alan redux 07.21.2010 07:21 PM



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