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loubarret 10.03.2009 02:01 PM


davenotdead 10.03.2009 02:02 PM

lick my decals off, baby

loubarret 10.03.2009 03:24 PM


Keeping It Simple 10.03.2009 03:29 PM


Originally Posted by jerf

I didn't know Fidel Castro was in the band. :D

Savage Clone 10.03.2009 03:43 PM


dirty bunny 10.03.2009 04:14 PM

sonic youth


washer 10.03.2009 04:26 PM

Lightning Bolt, Earthly Delights, "Flooded Chamber".
Great album, insane song.

Dead-Air 10.03.2009 05:15 PM

My son rocking the toy piano (actually the weird whistling slides and beats on the back of the toy though, so it doesn't sound like piano). It does sound like music I'd gladly pay for in another context though...

Derek 10.03.2009 05:39 PM

You should set up a microphone and record it!

greedrex 10.03.2009 06:03 PM


ha ha these guys crack me up.
Rodan meets Morbid Angel.

Dead-Air 10.03.2009 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by Derek
You should set up a microphone and record it!

Yeah, that's on the agenda. Maybe not today, but soon.

knox 10.03.2009 08:52 PM


automatic bzooty 10.03.2009 09:18 PM


this was my jam.

back in the days of yore.

whatever they were.

Satan 10.03.2009 09:22 PM

the sex pistols. just because.

SuperCreep 10.03.2009 10:37 PM


kierkegaarden 10.04.2009 01:57 AM


fugazifan 10.04.2009 03:16 AM


Originally Posted by kierkegaarden

great album! i was just thinking yesterday on how great they are and how i should listen to them soon.
litening to the oh sees-help
on track three and am loving it.

loubarret 10.04.2009 03:26 AM


stu666 10.04.2009 03:55 AM


sonic sphere 10.04.2009 05:22 AM


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