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Shifty Prophet 06.23.2009 10:49 AM


EvdWee 06.23.2009 11:16 AM


batreleaser 06.23.2009 11:58 AM

now: Killed by Finnish Hardcore

Reagan Youth-Collection of Pop Classcs
Necros-Conquest by Death
Negative Approach-live bootleg 81
offbeats-why do you hang out 7"
Game Theory-Two Steps from the Middle Age
Terveet Kadet-S/T
Aaron Dilloway and C. Spender Yeh-The Squid
Abruptum-The Satanist Tunes Demo
Ratas del Vaticano-Mocoscos Pateticos
IFCO-Explosions in a Shingle Factry
Fad Gadget-Life on the Line
Eternal Tapestry-Sea of Silk casette

automatic bzooty 06.23.2009 12:06 PM

hero - neu!

automatic bzooty 06.23.2009 12:17 PM


Zombie Robot 06.23.2009 12:28 PM


Six Organs of Admittance/Charalambides - Songs from the Entoptic Garden Vol 2

floatingslowly 06.23.2009 12:38 PM



Zombie Robot 06.23.2009 12:49 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly

BJM are fucking good. You just gave me an idea-

Dude. Anton Newcombe is a talented songwriter and claims to play over 80 instruments. Insane.

loubarret 06.23.2009 12:53 PM

Great band, last album was a real let down.

Live at Max's Kansas City '79-Johhny Thunders & The Heartbreakers

This is the real shit kids

sonic sphere 06.23.2009 01:41 PM


Zombie Robot 06.23.2009 02:25 PM


narlus 06.23.2009 02:25 PM

van der graaf generator - box

stu666 06.23.2009 03:03 PM


viewtiful_alan 06.23.2009 03:18 PM



dirty bunny 06.23.2009 03:39 PM

selling england by the pound- genesis

edit: yes BJM are awesome :)

sonic sphere 06.23.2009 04:00 PM


TheDom 06.23.2009 04:17 PM


I've been trying to get into The Fall for the past like 4 years but now I can finally say that I love The Fall

dirty bunny 06.23.2009 04:36 PM

no pocky for kitty- superchunk

EvdWee 06.23.2009 04:55 PM


noisereductions 06.23.2009 06:14 PM


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