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Savage Clone 05.18.2020 04:22 PM


Savage Clone 05.24.2020 10:10 AM

Another live demo, this time a synthwave take on "Driver's Seat"

Savage Clone 05.25.2020 07:58 PM

Yet another live demo from yesterday.

Magenta Vice - Night Cycle

d.sound 06.08.2020 04:27 PM

A collage of beats and crunchy granular effects I found on a cd-r I had made in my downtime at work, many, many, many years ago.

d.sound 06.08.2020 04:29 PM

Double post

Savage Clone 06.28.2020 08:50 AM

Put up a couple on Bandcamp at name your price.


Bytor Peltor 06.29.2020 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
Put up a couple on Bandcamp at name your price.



Such a sharp look and sound!!

I hope you will eventually have a full release, preferably on cassette

Savage Clone 06.29.2020 09:39 AM

Thanks very much. That will likely be the case before long. These are live home recordings, hoping to do proper studio recording for a cassette and also probably a 7inch as well.

d.sound 07.07.2020 11:43 PM

I will be performing a live stream this Friday (jul 10th) at 8 pm eastern standard time at

d.sound 07.13.2020 06:13 PM

Herr is the youtube video of it

NYCgaf16 07.16.2020 12:54 PM

Rainbow Around the Moon is finally here!

a poor quality and poor skill tape i recorded some time ago at my brother's place

access for 7 days only

hirsute_biped 08.05.2020 10:39 PM

Was asked to do my first online collaboration, a three-way edit/remix of my solo Bass VI track. These guys do great work.

Savage Clone 08.30.2020 10:48 AM

NYCgaf16 08.31.2020 07:45 AM

sometime ago i released new EP

_tunic_ 08.31.2020 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by NYCgaf16

your Expressway is mighty fine :)
tip: you should add the track splits

Bytor Peltor 08.31.2020 12:53 PM


Originally Posted by NYCgaf16

Congrats and what _tunic_ said!

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 09.04.2020 08:07 AM

Just released a new album with a tribute to Glenn Branca. Sorta grungy?

NYCgaf16 09.06.2020 02:02 PM

new song of mine

TheDom 12.06.2020 08:12 PM

Savage Clone 02.22.2021 09:50 PM

Not really a band thing, just improvising and getting to know a couple of new pieces of gear.

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