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Antagon 07.20.2015 07:30 PM

So I decided to label all those fun and free jams I'm having with a friend of mine lately as a new project. We're 100% impromptu, lo-fi and fun. It's sort of a Blues-Rock project.

So here it goes: Johnny & Finster - Socially Awkward Blues

Diesel 07.21.2015 11:02 AM

^^Youtube, now there's the MONEY!

Another rainstorm day another EP written and recorded today.

ty2failicide 07.24.2015 07:42 PM

I'm the leader of the band Distortion District. Experimental indie rock + noise + traces of pop + twisted takes on blues and jazz. SY and Pavement fans will probably like it. Influence from the aforementioned, plus My Bloody Valentine, Number Girl, and a bit from Mudhoney.

Just google "Distortion District" and head to the bandcamp link if you're interested!

Key tracks to start with: Much Appreciated and Sell Outs.


Diesel 08.21.2015 01:18 PM

TheMadcapLaughs 09.22.2015 03:14 PM

A new acoustic demo. Think it will be good with a full band.

Diesel 09.26.2015 09:32 AM

CGGDDD: Best tuning evarr?

Verstande 10.25.2015 12:15 PM

I'm the drummer for a 3-piece band. We play hard rock, acoustic, and covers.

whorefrost 10.30.2015 05:58 PM


Originally Posted by Diesel

Nice, man!

raiinking 11.20.2015 12:54 AM

tapes otw. our first show is tomorrow.

soapbars 11.24.2015 06:39 AM

The Glad Eye

hirsute_biped 01.24.2016 03:26 AM

Found an abandoned piano on the street around the corner from work today, did some ambient/dissonant improv accompanied by traffic sounds during my lunch break and again after work...

edited: now a playlist of three tracks

Savage Clone 01.28.2016 01:32 PM

A few months ago with Comets Ov Cupid

hirsute_biped 03.14.2016 01:30 AM

Just dug out some old recordings, found a slow country ballad cover of Schizophrenia I did 10+ years ago. There used to be compilations of board members doing SY covers and inspired-by tracks, I want to say Atsonicpark would organize them, but I could be wrong. I think I intended this for one of those but never sent it along.

hirsute_biped 03.14.2016 01:46 AM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
A few months ago with Comets Ov Cupid

Dig it a lot, extra points for wielding an Ovation Magnum bass on Sonic Youth forum!

Diesel 04.01.2016 10:44 AM

Check this fucking southern shit out..actually it's Northern but then when has that stopped anything being shite..
edit fuck off

I'm refferred to as The Slacker Johnson now ...or the warm Bath water. Does any kind hearted soul i.e. smiths fan know how to change this shit on soundcloud?! the Northern man struggles with such intricacies...and honey jd

Diesel 04.22.2016 01:17 PM

Cunts of the blue board unite and take over

Diesel 04.28.2016 02:14 PM

Diesel 06.04.2016 09:03 AM

Busted out an old scuzzy lo fi preamp the last few days for some fuzz bomb fun

Diesel 06.24.2016 10:56 AM

Brexit churned this shit out my fucking conscious dot dot dot bitch

Diesel 06.24.2016 01:33 PM

If no-one objects can we just turn this thread into my facebook?

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