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EMMAh 07.25.2008 03:45 PM

It's a current obsession Uhler :)

I'm now listening to what it probably my favorite Bob song, Mellow Mood.

gmku 07.25.2008 04:03 PM

Goats Head Soup

PAULYBEE2656 07.25.2008 07:26 PM


Sonic Youth 37 07.25.2008 08:31 PM


Sonic Youth 37 07.25.2008 09:35 PM


Everyneurotic 07.25.2008 10:25 PM


it's good so far!

Sonic Youth 37 07.25.2008 11:01 PM

Mozart's 41st Symphony (Jupiter Symphony)

Florya 07.26.2008 01:55 AM



MellySingsDoom 07.26.2008 03:35 AM

Siouxise And the Banshees - "Join Hands" (now playing: "Regal Zone")

Mostly Harmless 07.26.2008 03:51 AM


Derek 07.26.2008 05:24 AM

Big Black.

Death & the Maiden 07.26.2008 06:31 AM

The Fall - Industrial Estate

Cantankerous 07.26.2008 06:43 AM



Derek 07.26.2008 06:50 AM


This Is Not Here 07.26.2008 07:21 AM

Haiku D' Etat - Coup de theatre

sarramkrop 07.26.2008 07:58 AM

Sic Alps - EZ

I can't wait for their autumn tour of Europe.

atsonicpark 07.26.2008 08:02 AM

bandwagon - the equipment!
von lmo - future language
flower travellin' band - satori
rocket from the crypt - all systems go 2

and of course

chemical chords.

sarramkrop 07.26.2008 08:23 AM

The Dutchess and The Duke - She's The Dutchess, He's The Duke

_slavo_ 07.26.2008 08:48 AM

Polvo - Feather of Forgiveness

jimbrim 07.26.2008 10:19 AM

My Bloody Valentine - Ecstasy and Wine

Everyneurotic 07.26.2008 10:25 AM


Danny Himself 07.26.2008 10:30 AM


Down The River Of Golden Dreams by Okkervil River

gohleekwang 07.26.2008 10:57 AM

Portishead - Third
now i can tell, i don't like it.

gohleekwang 07.26.2008 11:02 AM


acousticrock87 07.26.2008 04:11 PM


demonrail666 07.26.2008 04:13 PM


Sheriff Rhys Chatham 07.26.2008 04:28 PM


PAULYBEE2656 07.26.2008 04:38 PM

listening to this mother.....

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 07.26.2008 05:16 PM


viewtiful_alan 07.26.2008 06:59 PM


Originally Posted by acousticrock87

good choice as usual.

Sonic Youth 37 07.26.2008 07:05 PM


Words can't describe this album.

atsonicpark 07.26.2008 07:09 PM

i can't rep you right now

but yeah loveliescrushing has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. Absolutely essential, the very essence of everything that makes shoegaze great is contained within their sound.

MellySingsDoom 07.26.2008 07:26 PM

So far today:

Patti Smith and Kevin Shields - "The Coral Sea"
Abba - "Abba Gold"
Hawkwind - "Space Ritual v2" (the unedited and full version of the original "Space Ritual" gig)
PJ Harvey - "Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea"
Birthday Party - "The Bad Seed/Mutiny!"
Hawkwind - "Masters Of The Universe"

Next up: Burning Witch - "Towers"

Sonic Youth 37 07.26.2008 07:30 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
i can't rep you right now

but yeah loveliescrushing has been one of my favorite bands for a long time. Absolutely essential, the very essence of everything that makes shoegaze great is contained within their sound.

Scott does great stuff. I finally decided to buy some of their stuff proper, but Scott hasn't responded to my e-mail about availability and prices.

atsonicpark 07.26.2008 07:48 PM

What? That's totally unlike Scott!


I swear to god I sent him at least 4 emails.. my friend Cory sent more than that.. for years about "chorus" and he never responded.

Sonic Youth 37 07.26.2008 07:51 PM

I've about given up, I sent him a message thru Astrobrite's myspace that was read but not responded to, then I sent one to the wavertone email. Wonder if an actual letter would get any respose?

atsonicpark 07.26.2008 07:59 PM


you could try it, I wouldn't hold my breath.

I heard something vague and weird, the girl in loveliescrushing (name escapes me right now) was romantically involved with scott but then her new husband got involved and she doesn't have anything to do with scott anymore and all this shit...

Just various internet rumors, probably not true...

But that was some of the reason chorus was delayed supposedly. Weird.

Sonic Youth 37 07.26.2008 08:02 PM

It's hard to tell. Between LLC, Astrobrite and STAR (i need to download some of this) it's madness. LLC played some shows in 2007, one of them is up on youtube. I think it was in Peru. Only live stuff I've ever seen/heard.

Sonic Youth 37 07.26.2008 08:32 PM


MellySingsDoom 07.26.2008 08:36 PM

^^^I used to own that the 6-track mini-LP thingy?

Now on: The Runaways - "Queens Of Noise"

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