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Ghostchase 11.06.2010 02:47 PM


atsonicpark 11.06.2010 02:58 PM

wow, ghostchase, I LOVE Ether Teeth, it's not an album I've even thought of in a long time, but it's incredible. "What a Day Day" is amazing... what's that one fog song... "mold spores fill my lungs, silver fish hide in the venetian blinds in the winter time," do you know that song at all? It's awesome. edit:The song is called "pneumonia". Listen: .. I don't even think it was ever on an album, just a single.

is it depression or disease?
Tell it to the millipedes...
the casserole was good and the drives were so nice, welcome to the worst part of your life.
I'm hard to fix because it took me so goddamn long to figure out that I broke down.
mold spores fill my lungs and silverfish hide in the Venetian blinds in the wintertime.
In the bathroom, with the shower running and my clothes on I figured out that I hate you all.
I'm hard to fix because it took me so goddamn long to figure out that I broke down.

Anyway, gotta love Fuckedupfuckfuckup! Thanks for reminding me of that album, ghost, gonna jam that all day.

listening to



Originally Posted by loubarret


Weird, I just got that 2 weeks ago..

Ghostchase 11.06.2010 03:05 PM

I wish I could help but I only just today started listening to him today. I'm really digging this album, and all signs are showing me Andrew's work is right up my alley. Signed to Ninja Tune, Worked on Alan Moore's Unearthing, friends with Justin Broadrick and cLOUDDEAD. I'm going thru the Fog discography, so I'll find it don't worry!

atsonicpark 11.06.2010 03:07 PM

Yeah I edited it, it's the song pneumonia, check it out!

Nice avatar too, bro!

loubarret 11.06.2010 03:09 PM


atsonicpark 11.06.2010 03:16 PM

Moss Icon rules, too! Great stuff guys, wow.

Ghostchase 11.06.2010 04:09 PM

Damn. Researching Fog.. MF DOOM is featured on his first album??? And remix by Kid Koala??? Andrew just keeps getting better and better.

And thanx :3

loubarret 11.06.2010 05:14 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
Moss Icon rules, too! Great stuff guys, wow.

Can't deny their epic, rule the shit out of everything and for a gerne making band they still sound amazingly fresh.

auto-aim 11.06.2010 05:17 PM


Electric Electric - Sad Cities Handclappers

atsonicpark 11.06.2010 05:27 PM

great stuff, auto-aim!

atsonicpark 11.06.2010 05:38 PM

I'm listening to dum dum girls, the babies, gauntlet hair, and brilliant color.

krastian 11.06.2010 07:11 PM


atsonicpark 11.06.2010 08:04 PM

I actually highly reccomend this band MALE BONDING

Ghostchase 11.06.2010 08:25 PM

LFO - Nurture (Surgeon Remix)

Anthony Child is fucking amazing.

Clyde Cat 11.06.2010 08:25 PM


I actually downloaded this by accident, but I decided to give it a listen anyway. So far I'm rather enjoying it.

Inhuman 11.06.2010 11:56 PM

Current93 - All the pretty little horses

Murmer99 11.07.2010 01:02 AM

i love Current 93. this is probably my favourite track by them.. at least from that album

loubarret 11.07.2010 04:42 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
I actually highly reccomend this band MALE BONDING

Hah, 3/5's of pre you mean. Years not long is one of my most favourite songs this year, the rest of the album is really forgettable.

auto-aim 11.07.2010 06:23 AM

I was going to see male bonding this year but the venue closed down where they were going to play!

ann ashtray 11.07.2010 03:17 PM

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