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Moshe 09.02.2009 01:44 AM

The Twilight Sad hide merch from Thurston

With an expectant label and swelling fanbase patiently awaiting new material, the band appeased both with an album of live oddities entitled (The Twilight Sad) Killed My Parents and Hit the Road before embarking on a European tour with Mogwai late last year. A spoof and homage to Sonic Youth’s Goo in cover and title, the band never expected to encounter the album’s maker. “I just did it for a laugh on MySpace,” says MacFarlane of the illustration. “But FatCat wanted to use it for a release, then Thurston Moore turned up at one of the Mogwai gigs. The cover was on all the tee-shirts as well, we were trying to hide the merchandise.” Graham elaborates: “Stuart [Braithwaite] came backstage and said ‘Guess who’s coming to the gig tonight? It’s somebody you’ll love…’’’ MacFarlane: “…and I was actually thinking ‘Bret Hart?’” “Then he said ‘Thurston Moore,’” continues Graham. “We thought, ‘Well that’s cool, then walked over to the merch desk and went ‘oh, shit!’”

SuperCreep 09.02.2009 01:51 AM

Yeah, like Thurston would be one to sue over that...

automatic bzooty 09.02.2009 02:35 AM

Exactly. He'd just be like "oh, that's kool, whatevz."

Moshe 09.02.2009 02:46 AM

Your wrong. Thurston always hangs out with his lawyer at these shows.

tesla69 09.02.2009 10:07 AM

I missed this thread, is there a Thurston action figure?

greenlight 09.02.2009 12:05 PM

who are they? just checked the video on that blog. very poppy with some dreamy, fuzzy, distorted guitar sounds...hmmm, yeah, not too bad....

SYRFox 09.02.2009 02:26 PM

I enjoy them, I even own their first album, but this kinda sucks...

automatic bzooty 09.02.2009 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by tesla69
I missed this thread, is there a Thurston action figure?

That would be fun... but only if it came with a little Jazzmaster. AND KUNG FU GRIP.

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