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hiland 09.17.2014 06:08 PM

Girl In A Band: A Memoir

Amazon | Barnes & Noble

ISBN-13: 9780062295897
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication date: 2/24/2015
Pages: 288

Rob Instigator 09.18.2014 08:26 AM

I need to read this bad boy

themawt71 09.20.2014 06:51 AM

cool. thanks

Screaming Skull 10.08.2014 11:21 AM

From Pitchfork...

blunderbuss 10.08.2014 02:26 PM

I thought for a bit that she was wearing the t-shirt that Thurston wears on the DDN sleeve, but no, it's just a matching one.

I want to read something into that. Haven't decided what though.

evollove 10.08.2014 07:18 PM


Originally Posted by Rob Instigator
I need to read this bad boy


Originally Posted by themawt71
cool. thanks


Originally Posted by shirttail
Really looking forward to reading this.

I'm a little disappointed in the level of enthusiasm for this. Maybe it'll be higher closer to the release date. Personally, this makes it on to my list of reasons to not kill myself.

Rob Instigator 10.09.2014 08:38 AM

I Am So Fucking Hype To Read This!!!! I Want To See

Rob Instigator 10.09.2014 08:39 AM

if she mentions the time in the early 90's when she and I had a lusty throbbing, turgid affair, but she may not remember my dreams.....

evollove 10.09.2014 11:38 AM

You never know. You've made your feelings toward her well-known on a number of occasions. It might've gotten back to her and maybe she'll have a bit about fan lust.

Rob Instigator 10.09.2014 11:50 AM

"There is this perverted Puerto Rican who thinkis himself an instigator on our old Sonic Youth Gossip Forum who is obsessed with me and worships me and purchases my used clothing. He is so hot..." - quote from Girl In A Band

blunderbuss 10.10.2014 12:49 AM

You misread that last bit, Rob. It says "He should be shot..." :eek:

Rob Instigator 10.10.2014 08:10 AM

My eyes were blurry with sexy tears

diskaholic-anonymous 10.11.2014 06:22 AM

hope the reading will be good as the cover.

evollove 02.02.2015 06:49 PM

Goddamn, I am so excited for this.

TheDom 02.02.2015 09:46 PM

There is an excerpt in this month's issue of Vogue

TheMadcapLaughs 02.03.2015 09:34 PM

Oh boy!

greenlight 02.04.2015 05:33 AM

so can you pre order it or no?

greenlight 02.04.2015 10:59 AM

by the way what is this?

whorefrost 02.04.2015 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by greenlight

That, my friend, looks like a must-buy.

whorefrost 02.04.2015 11:13 AM


Originally Posted by greenlight
so can you pre order it or no?

You can pre-order it, certainly

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