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woofwoof 08.31.2012 06:08 AM

I think it just dawned on me
...that Sonic Nurse is the best SY album.

I'm a big lover of ATL and Murray but Nurse is just consistently cool. The only real downer is Lee's one and only track... it isn't his hottest (nor the album's), but everything else is really stellar. Stones is endlessly rock and roll, Mariah Carey is playful and sonically out of this world, Unmade Bed is gentle but still stings real hard in certain places. I

Maybe I'm behind the curve on these kinds of opinion polls here, but am I alone in thinking this?

EVOLghost 08.31.2012 06:10 AM

Dood.....Paper Cut fucking awesome.

woofwoof 08.31.2012 06:12 AM

I do enjoy some parts of it .. "memory disease..." that sounds cool as hell, but I dunno it doesn't strike me as a whole.

Was it during that Q interview that T said something about Nurse being their best attempt to fuse noise stuff with pop song structure? I see where he's coming from with that

woofwoof 08.31.2012 06:36 AM

*is gay

EVOLghost 08.31.2012 06:45 AM


Originally Posted by Murmer99
Sonic Youth are gay.

Yer gay!


Diesel 08.31.2012 09:35 AM

I think it just dawned of the deaded on me. Holler Ya?

EVOLghost 08.31.2012 10:32 AM


Originally Posted by Murmer99
It was a parody, you morons!

Yer a parody....


EVOLghost 08.31.2012 10:36 AM

PS......I have no idea what you are talking about murmer....though....I'm assuming its from a movie.....and I don't watch many movies because I am a boring fucktard.

EVOLghost 08.31.2012 10:48 AM

Oh...haha....'s a hilarious clips of two hamsters

tphonik 08.31.2012 11:17 AM

Never thought all that much of Sonic Nurse myself.

As soon as I heard it I got the impression that it was a product of final contractual obligations with Geffen.

The two albums that preceded NYC G&F and Murray Street where something of a disappointment for me. A new direction was taken but then abandoned only to come full circle back to much visited older sounds.

Both albums where solid examples of SY's many years of discovery in the studio and where good of examples of classic SY. But just a bit of a let down in terms of what was done with the two albums before.

I must say though, The Internal has been good listening.

I could never really fault any SY albums. Everything they have ever done to me has been great but each album does has it's particular place in my understanding of what SY music means to me.

I do hope we see more albums post KG/TM separation....


tphonik 08.31.2012 11:20 AM


Originally Posted by tphonik

I must say though, The Internal has been good listening.

Ha ha, 'The Internal'... doh!

Sounds like a spy film...

'Sonic Youth in 'The Internal' - License to Dischord'


Lazewski 08.31.2012 12:23 PM

I really liked SY's song "Youth of the Nation". I'll never forget blasting that track over SiriusXM every Sunday as we headed into the house of the Lord.


tphonik 08.31.2012 12:47 PM

I've got a catholic block...

Dr Chocolate 09.01.2012 01:26 AM

i dont mind listening to that album. but the neat thing about it being a double album is always deciding on what side to play first. as much as it's not in a heavy rotation compared to the other SY albums i got. it's alright. but i doubt i've played it 10 times all the way thru yet. but it's alright.

Magic Wheel Memory 09.01.2012 08:55 AM


Originally Posted by woofwoof
*is gay

That depends on whether you are following the rules of British English or American English. The British consider "Sonic Youth" to be plural, as they do with teams names and other groups. In America, we treat it as a "collective noun," which makes it singular. In other words, when we say "Sonic Youth," we are referring to a single band, not the collection of individuals who comprise the band.

I'm sure that's more explanation than anyone gives a crap to read! :+)

Keeping It Simple 09.01.2012 10:11 AM

When Sonic Youth are melodic, they sound the bee's knees.

Starcat 09.01.2012 05:52 PM

I thought this right after I listened to it, then remembered that daydream nation still exists

badgercorn 09.02.2012 05:15 AM

It's probably my third favourite SY album. And their best album lyrically, in my opinion

negative8ball 09.02.2012 07:20 AM

Going to go put it on right now. It's not my fav - but I think it needs a fair revisit in light of this... going to run errands. Nurse will soundtrack.

woofwoof 09.02.2012 05:43 PM

While I'm on the topic I think The Eternal is rad too. A lot of it's pretty standard SY song-writing but they really make the most of it. Songs like What We Know, Calming the Snake and No Way..really awesome stuff

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