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sarramkrop 11.02.2008 03:41 PM

Sam Spence - The Art of Synthesizer

sarramkrop 11.02.2008 04:29 PM

Great Plains

RdTv 11.02.2008 04:35 PM


stu666 11.02.2008 05:18 PM


al shabbray 11.02.2008 05:21 PM


SYRFox 11.02.2008 05:25 PM


al shabbray 11.02.2008 05:28 PM

and how do you like that album?

SYRFox 11.02.2008 05:31 PM

I find it fantastic - I like it better than Body Riddle actually! It's really really great. tells me I've listened to it like 20 times in the past 7 days

al shabbray 11.02.2008 05:36 PM

nice, I dont know that album by clark, should check it out.
warp records is one hell of a label, one of the best

stu666 11.02.2008 05:37 PM


SYRFox 11.02.2008 05:38 PM

This album is pretty different from the other ones
It's pure techno, but it's fucking great. Powerful beats everywhere, and the beautifulness of electronica melodies when they come
--> yeah warp rules

Dead-Air 11.02.2008 06:09 PM

"Old Bombay Vinyl Junkie" by Muslimgauze from Jaal Ab Dullah

al shabbray 11.02.2008 06:11 PM


SYRFox 11.02.2008 06:19 PM


al shabbray 11.02.2008 06:25 PM

^^^whats that?

SYRFox 11.02.2008 06:31 PM

Lawrence's "The Absence Of Blight". A minimal techno album, but that's only a general label - it should actually be more like ambient techno or whatever. Really really good stuff

atsonicpark 11.02.2008 06:42 PM

crispin glover big problem does not equal the solution the solution equals let it be

fun - ep

lemuria - get better

iannis xenakis - percussion works

Robe. - Hadramaut

Dead-Air 11.02.2008 07:57 PM

"Hallogallo" by Neu!

viewtiful_alan 11.02.2008 09:31 PM


so fucking good

viewtiful_alan 11.02.2008 09:52 PM

What are these and what do they sound like?

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