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[Sandbag] 10.21.2008 07:56 AM

yeh... the 2 last albums aren't that good.
'words' must be one of my fav songs ever

lechaoscestmoi 10.21.2008 07:57 AM

jim o'rourke - eureka.

jimbrim 10.21.2008 09:42 AM

Merzbow & Christoph Heeman

uhler 10.21.2008 07:42 PM


sonic sphere 10.22.2008 04:28 AM

the fall-i am kurious oranj

Death & the Maiden 10.22.2008 05:16 AM

Burzum - Anthology

HECKLER SPRAY 10.22.2008 05:44 AM

Fugazi - Red Medicine

al shabbray 10.22.2008 06:48 AM

boredoms - seadrum

ihateyouth 10.22.2008 09:19 AM

shadow of a doubt.

you kill him
and i'll kill her

viewtiful_alan 10.22.2008 04:04 PM

Time to catch up:
Friday after school I finished up my new CD's (records will have to wait, I need a pa so as to play them over my stereo) with this gem

Then on the way to the reverend horton heat concert, got back to going through the collection with:

Sunday I listened to this new acusition:

fugazifan 10.22.2008 04:10 PM

naked city-s/t
im dinking jameson and seltzer and listening to this before i go out to a friends dj set... fucking amazing album. it will definatly rank very high on my top of 80s albums

viewtiful_alan 10.22.2008 04:13 PM

Got back to going through the collection again on monday with:


And right now:

This marks the end of my neil young spree, now we are going to zappa.

stu666 10.22.2008 06:02 PM

loads of stuff on here:

now this



Sheriff Rhys Chatham 10.22.2008 06:03 PM

Various John Fahey stuff right now.

PAULYBEE2656 10.22.2008 06:18 PM

my brain hurts by some poor bastard eating a donut.....

jon boy 10.22.2008 09:49 PM

magik markers followed by taskmaster.

samuel 10.22.2008 10:02 PM


Mount Eerie, Julie Doiron, and Fred Squire

Dead-Air 10.22.2008 10:04 PM

"The Windmills Of Your Mind" by Dusty Springfield from Dusty In Memphis

sonic sphere 10.23.2008 04:40 AM

johnny thunders & the heartbreakers-l.a.m.f.:the lost '77 tapes

jimbrim 10.23.2008 06:34 AM

Emeralds - Solar Bridge

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