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sarramkrop 10.17.2007 03:33 AM


Originally Posted by gmku
I just woke from this wild dream where I watched and listened to a band perform a hybrid of Crazy Rhythms and Psycho Killer. The band was all-female (natch, I was dreaming) in sort of the Tina Weymouth vein circa 1977, and I was right there three feet from them. They played the entire song, and I remember thinking, Yeah, I love this drum part, hearing the drum part very clearly in my head and sort of doing air drum to it. What was wild to me is that the experience was so linear, like hearing the song for three minutes or so from my stereo. Verse chorus verse, et cetera, start to finish.

Have you been listening to The Rolling Stones again?

king_buzzo 10.17.2007 03:56 AM

Kill the Superheroes - Sweverdriver

sarramkrop 10.17.2007 05:26 AM

Allun. They are like a kind of an Italian version of No Neck Blues Band, and they kick ass.

m1rr0r dash 10.17.2007 06:29 AM


gmku 10.17.2007 07:03 AM


Originally Posted by sarramkrop
Have you been listening to The Rolling Stones again?

Sorry??? I don't get the connection to this.

5Against1 10.17.2007 08:05 AM

Right Profile - The Clash

sonic sphere 10.17.2007 08:09 AM

lee ranaldo-east jesus

Torn Curtain 10.17.2007 09:24 AM

Alain Bashung - La Cigale Paris, October,??,1989 SBD (from dime)

HairwayToSteven 10.17.2007 09:28 AM


Everyneurotic 10.17.2007 11:20 AM

once i dreamed that i caught a surprise reunion of the cows playing at some barn in some small town here in mexico.

another time i dreamed i met johnny thunders, i even turned to myself and said during the dream "you know how i know i'm dreaming? i'm talking to johnny thunders and he's DEAD!"


the new radiohead, finally.

sonic sphere 10.17.2007 11:25 AM

the jesus & mary chain-live in concert

Everyneurotic 10.17.2007 11:40 AM


when did darkthrone become funny? ohh right...

still, it's all good.


fugazifan 10.17.2007 12:23 PM


king_buzzo 10.17.2007 01:56 PM

six pack!!!

Torn Curtain 10.17.2007 02:02 PM

Various Sinatra songs on

golden child 10.17.2007 04:11 PM

over and over again... almost done

interspersed with breif breaks of total abuse, they found my naked corpse in the snow and deep wound.

Tokolosh 10.17.2007 04:48 PM


You’re a twat a turd a pig kill you
Cut you’re throat you’re grave I’ll dig kill you
You’ll be dead and I will live kill you
You’re a bastard I won’t forgive kill you

We all need someone to hate
With this blade you’ll meet your fate kill you

You’re not human you’re just a thing kill you
On which my hatred I will fling kill you
I’ll take my sword and cut you’re throat kill you
And on your corpse I will gloat kill you

So now I feel my blood lust rise
Get ready now meet your demise

When the deed the deed is done kill you
I’ll be happy I’ll have fun kill you
Then I can enjoy you’re fate
And someone new I can hate kill you

We all need someone to hate
With this blood meet your fate
So now I feel my blood lust rise
Get ready now meet you’re demise
Kill you kill you ...

Ripchord 10.17.2007 08:47 PM



gmku 10.17.2007 11:18 PM


gmku 10.17.2007 11:18 PM


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