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Genteel Death 02.04.2014 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by Severian

(What 15 year old wouldn't love the Melvins?)

The 15 year olds who don't like the Melvins.

_tunic_ 02.05.2014 08:00 AM

thank you

EVOLghost 02.05.2014 10:02 AM

I never knew of this Blonde Redhead song until late last year. I fucking love it so much.

pony 02.05.2014 10:08 AM


_tunic_ 02.05.2014 02:13 PM


pad_023 02.05.2014 04:47 PM


Such a great record

Bytor Peltor 02.06.2014 12:23 PM

Robe - Hadramaut

Kegmama 02.07.2014 03:39 PM


Everyneurotic 02.08.2014 12:52 AM

Tragedy - Darker Days Ahead

The Flaming Lips - In A Priest Driven Ambulance

Genteel Death 02.08.2014 06:17 AM

The Electroclash revival starts and ends with this post. It's a cover too. What else do you need?

MellySingsDoom 02.08.2014 09:33 AM

The Wipers - "Best Of The Wipers And Greg Sage"

Bertrand 02.08.2014 09:41 AM

Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane

Everyneurotic 02.08.2014 12:14 PM

Cave In - Tides of Tomorrow
Unwound - Unwound (Kid Is Gone, disc 2)

the ikara cult 02.08.2014 03:07 PM

Ex Easter Island Heads

hirsute_biped 02.08.2014 08:44 PM



Seems like US tour is falling through again, hopefully next year. Meanwhile gotta get more of these 70's classics...

hirsute_biped 02.08.2014 08:49 PM



Fist heard these poncho-rockers on the Not The Shapes You Know... comp, these ones are pretty great too, if you like droney psychedelia.

MellySingsDoom 02.09.2014 04:37 AM

Miles Davis - "Rated X":

Nefeli 02.09.2014 07:58 AM

latest telescopes live sets on utube.

A Thousand Threads 02.09.2014 09:13 AM


That Eternal Tapestry records didn't really do anything for me (liked other records of theirs quite a bit though).
Plankton Wat solo stuff is really fantastic.Check it out if you haven't.
+ Dewey is an awesome guy.

pad_023 02.09.2014 07:01 PM


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