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shabbray2.0 12.03.2009 07:29 AM


blade runner - ost
one of the best OST ever
"rachels song" is giving me shivers

stu666 12.03.2009 08:24 AM


A Thousand Threads 12.03.2009 09:30 AM

I'm kind of an idiot.
Ordered this about a week ago but couldn't wait, so i bought it at the record store today.

It's really damn good and now I'm really damn broke.

stu666 12.03.2009 10:25 AM


Antagon 12.03.2009 02:17 PM

Skunk Anansie - Strong

looking glass spectacle 12.03.2009 02:27 PM


automatic bzooty 12.03.2009 02:38 PM


Derek 12.03.2009 05:00 PM


sonic sphere 12.03.2009 05:07 PM


automatic bzooty 12.04.2009 12:00 AM


SuperCreep 12.04.2009 02:28 AM


sonic sphere 12.04.2009 07:02 AM


sonic sphere 12.04.2009 03:39 PM


sonic sphere 12.04.2009 05:24 PM


Torn Curtain 12.04.2009 06:39 PM

Ash Ra Tempel - Schwingungen

wellcharge 12.04.2009 06:43 PM


kierkegaarden 12.04.2009 09:31 PM


Dead-Air 12.05.2009 12:05 AM

Malcolm McLaren's version of "She's Not There" from Kill Bill 2.

looking glass spectacle 12.05.2009 12:16 AM


the new york times' Ben Sisario writes:

"It’s becoming pretty difficult to get excited when a band announces it will be performing one of its old albums in concert from beginning to end."

"Once a novel idea — flattering the artist as creator of a “classic” but also forcing him to recreate a fan’s experience of it — it has descended, as all good and novel ideas must, into a familiar pitch to sell concert tickets. Sure, Steely Dan’s “Aja” and Slint’s “Spiderland” are worthy, but is Thurston Moore’s “Psychic Hearts,” played at last year’s All Tomorrow’s Parties festival, anybody’s idea of an enduring classic?"


deflinus 12.05.2009 01:45 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere

i was listening to this earlier too, and Reena is a fucking kickass song

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