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sonic sphere 09.26.2009 08:18 AM


gmku 09.26.2009 08:29 AM

the Feelies - Time for a Witness

greedrex 09.26.2009 08:38 AM



exquisitely delicious.

gmku 09.26.2009 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by automatic bzooty

One of my faves since 1978! I still play it a lot.

gmku 09.26.2009 08:41 AM


Originally Posted by automatic bzooty

On a Beatles jag? With all the attention to them, I've been tempted to go through all my Beatles from the Please Please Me through Let It Be. Would be interesting to see if I could do it all in one or two sittings.

gmku 09.26.2009 09:01 AM

In addition to my Beatles LPs, I have this thing which a friend gave to me last year. The LPs are almost mint, never played by the person who gave me the set. Capitol did a cheesy job of reproducing the original cover art for most of the LPs in here, but I like having this around when I want to run through some albums but don't want to play my own collection. Plus it has Yellow Submarine and the Rarities album, two that I don't otherwise own. And another copy of the white album--who wouldn't want that! (With this one, I have 5 white album copies!)

The White Album in this set is really nice because "The Beatles" is embossed on the cover like the original issue, although there's no number. And it comes with the poster and pix, and the Apple label is the correct British version from that year.

It can also be faulted for leaving out Hey Jude and Magical Mystery Tour. The only reason I can think of is that the set is a replication of the British releases. I think MMT was released only as an EP in England, and I think Hey Jude might've been only a USA repackaging.


Satan 09.26.2009 09:03 AM


Originally Posted by gmku
One of my faves since 1978! I still play it a lot.

it is a damn good record.

why'd ya do it is so great. she sounds so pissed.

gmku 09.26.2009 09:06 AM

Indeed. The title song is great too, and so is her cover of Working Class Hero.

Satan 09.26.2009 09:22 AM


i don't know why. it just came on.

i'm kind of enjoying it actually.

gmku 09.26.2009 09:29 AM

Never got into the Manson man.

Right now, first side of the white album. I don't think I can do the whole album. I've heard this thing way too many times.

Next up... roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour!

automatic bzooty 09.26.2009 10:07 AM


Dead-Air 09.26.2009 10:12 AM

Replacements - Let It Be. Christ, how did my life go full circle that this fucking album makes such perfect sense again??

Dead-Air 09.26.2009 10:40 AM

O.k. now on to Damned Damned Damned, complete with my 19 month old son singing along to "Born to Kill". That's my boy!

sonic sphere 09.26.2009 10:48 AM


Savage Clone 09.26.2009 10:50 AM

Electric Wizard - Supercoven
Bathory - 1st LP
Stapleton/Tibet - Octopus
Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse
Monster Magnet - Dopes To Infinity, Powertrip

gmku 09.26.2009 11:28 AM

I think I might play my one and only Black Dice LP.

Hmm. Not enjoying it so far. Maybe it will grow on me?

loubarret 09.26.2009 11:28 AM


Sonic Youth 37 09.26.2009 12:10 PM



loubarret 09.26.2009 12:21 PM


stu666 09.26.2009 12:34 PM


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