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sonic sphere 09.13.2009 11:37 AM


noisereductions 09.13.2009 11:38 AM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan

I suppose I need to get more Ghostface, because I really enjoyed this. The other stuff must be fucking amazing if this is his worst, I liked it better than Bulletproof Walletts.

It is better than BW. Slightly. But the thing is, this album is Ghost on auto-pilot. So yr in for a real treat to hear all his shit when he's actually in top form.

the big quasar 09.13.2009 11:46 AM


loubarret 09.13.2009 11:55 AM


TheDom 09.13.2009 12:24 PM


loubarret 09.13.2009 12:54 PM


joe11121 09.13.2009 01:29 PM


viewtiful_alan 09.13.2009 01:37 PM


God the beats on this are just fantastic.

sonic sphere 09.13.2009 01:52 PM


automatic bzooty 09.13.2009 01:58 PM


stu666 09.13.2009 03:12 PM


sonic sphere 09.13.2009 04:12 PM


Satan 09.13.2009 04:29 PM


greedrex 09.13.2009 04:58 PM

BRAZEN : As Floods decrease.

just amazing
totally OOP
if you want it , you know where to find me.
i might stick it in the OOP thread sometime soon.
it's too good not be listen too compulsively.
*headbanging while writing this*

automatic bzooty 09.13.2009 05:12 PM


specifically, at the moment:

Satan 09.13.2009 08:24 PM


i'm trying to like it but i just can't
it sounds like retards with instruments and not in a good way

Aaaadrpk 09.13.2009 08:48 PM

Dinosaur Jr - Been There All The Time (listening by youtube)

demonrail666 09.13.2009 08:58 PM

depending on where you stand regarding such things, this album is as good/bad as its cover:


viewtiful_alan 09.13.2009 09:19 PM


Meh, some alright sonsg. SOund like aic demos with none of the punch

Sonic Youth 37 09.13.2009 09:50 PM


Originally Posted by Satan

i'm trying to like it but i just can't
it sounds like retards with instruments and not in a good way

I just listened to them for the first time. It was a total "WTF" moment.

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