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SYRFox 07.19.2009 12:18 PM

lukid - foma

i love this album, probably one of my favorite of the year so far

sonic sphere 07.19.2009 12:36 PM


demonrail666 07.19.2009 01:15 PM


floatingslowly 07.19.2009 01:30 PM


you cannot hurt me fool. I am not one of you.

sarramkrop 07.19.2009 01:34 PM

I've grown to really like this song and the album it comes from.

demonrail666 07.19.2009 01:46 PM

My thing with the Doors is the complete opposite to my one with Zeppelin. Where I want to like Zeppelin but keep finding it impossible to, I really don't want to like the Doors but find it quite difficult not to whenever I actually take the time to listen to them.

I do like that song, i just really wish it wasn't by The Doors.

stu666 07.19.2009 01:50 PM

1999-06-15 Roxy, Boston

(from dime)

sonic sphere 07.19.2009 01:54 PM


SuperCreep 07.19.2009 02:37 PM


I thought I was done with any jazz-fusion that isn't by Miles Davis (since it's pretty much manboob music), but this is awesome so far.

stu666 07.19.2009 02:40 PM

Sonic Youth
United Palace Theater, NYC

(from dime)

SYRFox 07.19.2009 02:41 PM

cannibal ox - the cold vein

alex_could 07.19.2009 03:00 PM


viewtiful_alan 07.19.2009 03:32 PM




Torn Curtain 07.19.2009 03:47 PM

Neil Young w/ Crazy Horse - 1994-10-22, Hamilton Warren Amphitheater, Sedona, AZ, Verde Valley Benefit (from dime)

SYRFox 07.19.2009 04:11 PM

Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi

sonic sphere 07.19.2009 04:18 PM


SuperCreep 07.19.2009 04:19 PM


Not exactly my favorite from them, but I haven't listened to it in three years, so what the hey.

edit: just remembered why I haven't listened to it in three years - it's pretty damn boring.

Listening to this now:

stu666 07.19.2009 04:58 PM

Pocahaunted - Live From The New Age


SYRFox 07.19.2009 05:21 PM

Clark - Totems Flare

SYRFox 07.19.2009 05:47 PM

Flying Lotus - Los Angeles

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