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greedrex 11.16.2008 10:45 AM

excellent while marking tests

Derek 11.16.2008 10:58 AM

the fall - live at the witch trials

hell yeah!

sonic sphere 11.16.2008 11:20 AM

sonic youth-daydream nation deluxe edition

ihateyouth 11.16.2008 05:03 PM


birthday party + lydia lunch.

Torn Curtain 11.16.2008 05:39 PM

Depeche Mode - Some great reward

Toxa 11.16.2008 05:42 PM

Polar Goldie Cats... "Mrs. Owl". soooo awesome, I just can't stop it.

MellySingsDoom 11.16.2008 06:15 PM

The Fall - "Country On The Click" - the version that MES rejected. It kicks major-league ass.

Everyneurotic 11.16.2008 08:24 PM




(thanks to herr smelly).

atsonicpark 11.16.2008 08:50 PM

stop stealing my bandwidth and upload to your own site, thanks. is one of my favorite bands too dude. i just got their split with suffering bastard, it kicks ass. it's both bands sitting silently for one minute, it's cut onto a 1 inch vinyl record that won't even play without destroying my record player. it's amazing. pitchfork rating: 10.0.

Everyneurotic 11.16.2008 08:56 PM

just for that, i'm keeping that picture there.

in fact, i'm tempted to make it my signature.

atsonicpark 11.16.2008 08:59 PM

i would if i were you

Dead-Air 11.16.2008 09:45 PM

"Arab Jerusalem" by Muslimgauze from Arab Quarter

Everyneurotic 11.16.2008 09:51 PM


alteredcourse 11.17.2008 02:12 AM

wOW. Crazy covers.

stu666 11.17.2008 03:52 AM


stu666 11.17.2008 04:57 AM


al shabbray 11.17.2008 05:08 AM

warp 10th anniversary
Boards of motherfuckin Canada

stu666 11.17.2008 05:19 AM

^^^ ahh good :D, if anyone else wants this you can find it here:

al shabbray 11.17.2008 05:21 AM

^^^untitled I alone is it worth it :)

Death & the Maiden 11.17.2008 05:32 AM

Syd Barrett - Opel

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