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chicka 06.29.2011 12:49 PM

X - the Paradise Club in Boston MA. 10/02/11. I've been listening to them since the 80's and have never seen them. I am definitely pumped up for this show! In a small club <300 I believe. should be great. Hope to get to meet them.

hipster_bebop_junkie 06.29.2011 04:57 PM

It has been unnoficially announced that John Zorn along with two other musicians (i would suspect Cyro Baptista and Kenny Wollesen without any basis) will be playing in Mexico City in September. I'm excited a lot about this.

Pelle 06.29.2011 05:17 PM

Iron Maiden tomorrow.

a-p a. niemi 06.30.2011 10:57 AM

Kemialliset ystävät, today.

hirsute_biped 07.11.2011 06:44 PM


Originally Posted by hirsute_biped
earth (maybe twice)
earthless/astra (maybe)

Astra dropped out due to illness, 3 of their members are in Brian Ellis Band, who filled in. Good, but Astra would have been better... Earthless shredded our faces off!!!

probably won't see Earth twice, travel shows on Sunday nights are tough, but would like to see them a bunch if I could

Add to the above:

Power of the Riff fest (LA stop) feat Pentagram, Pelican, Winter, etc...

maybe: Space Rock Invasion Tour feat. Nektar, Brainticket, Huw Lloyd Langton (of Hawkwind), and at LA show Helios Creed (of Chrome)

I have lately come to appreciate SOME prog rock from the earliest days of prog when ties were still tight to psychedelia

stu666 07.23.2011 05:59 PM

The Doomed Bird of Providence at the John Peel Centre, Stowmarket, August 5th.

StevOK 07.26.2011 09:33 AM

Weezer's going to be playing at a casino in Oklahoma that's really close to here on October 8. Hoping to get cheap tickets when they go on sale Friday morning.

Inhuman 07.26.2011 09:36 AM

I thought I'd hate weezer live. Then I saw them play at a festival SY was playing at and they were great! Have fun.

I'm seeing SY on the 12th in NYC, I might see Doctor P and Flux Pavilion soon, and a ton of local punk bands at the punk lofts here in MTL.

stu666 07.28.2011 05:11 AM

@ The Blue Room, PJ McGinty's, Ipswich August 28th

Sic Alps
Father Murphy
Faster Than Robots
(((Oh Dear

only £5 entry!

Pelle 08.10.2011 09:01 AM

The Wankys, Malmö in september. Fuckin awesome

blunderbuss 08.13.2011 04:17 AM

Shonen Knife
White Hills + Eternal Tapestry
Jochen Arbeit / Julia Kent / Paul Beauchamp / Fabrizio Modenese Palumbo
Sisters of Mercy
Ufomammut + Morkobot

(not necessarily in that order)

rappard 08.13.2011 08:40 AM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss
White Hills + Eternal Tapestry
Ufomammut + Morkobot

Where did you find the tour dates for these two? Fingers crossed for Dutch dates....

EvdWee 08.13.2011 08:48 AM

white hills is gonna play W2:
Ufomammut is gonna play Baroeg & 013:

pad_023 08.13.2011 11:01 AM

Sebadoh in a couple of weeks

blunderbuss 08.13.2011 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by rappard
Where did you find the tour dates for these two? Fingers crossed for Dutch dates....

A mere two hours drive from you, and you could see White Hills, Ufomammut and Morkobot all on the same evening (1st October):

Although Ufomammut and Morkobot also play in Rotterdam on 30 September:

Pelle 08.15.2011 01:01 PM

The MELVINS in Stockholm in october !!!!! FUCK YEAH I am a happy boy !!! :D

Bertrand 08.22.2011 12:48 PM

ESG 8th september, Cabaret Sauvage, Paris

a-p a. niemi 08.22.2011 01:54 PM


Originally Posted by Pelle
The MELVINS in Stockholm in october !!!!! FUCK YEAH I am a happy boy !!! :D

Me too, though I'm seeing them in Helsinki.

+ Circle in few weeks here in Tampere

Dr. Eugene Felikson 08.22.2011 03:48 PM


auto-aim 08.22.2011 07:50 PM


Originally Posted by halfeatencake
hoping to see r. stevie moore tonight! i forgot to buy a ticket and now i have to hope that a friend manages to get me on the guest list. fingers crossed!!!!

Saw him a few weeks ago! He was fucking great, the solo stuff he did without the band was awesome!

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