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sl1ck 06.27.2009 11:00 PM

I just bought a ticket for My Bloody Valentine's show at the National in Richmond. I have been wanting to take a trip up that way for some time now anyway. It's also probably the only time I will ever have the chance to see MBV live.

automatic bzooty 06.27.2009 11:02 PM

not the gories tonite, and not sonic youth on monday.

fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

blunderbuss 08.01.2009 04:42 AM

Charles Hayward / Tatsuya Yoshida

Rameses III / Goldmund / Helios

Natural Snow Buildings / Grouper / Fennesz

purplebumblebee 08.01.2009 02:07 PM

Charlie Parr, Agnositic Mountain Gospel Choir, Zu

washer 08.10.2009 07:36 AM

Next month: Kayo Dot and Fuck Buttons.

EvdWee 08.10.2009 08:16 AM

15th of august: Oneida

TheFoxBen 08.10.2009 08:26 AM

October 14th: Pixies
November 6th: Wilco

Maybe HEALTH on October 28th.

Derek 08.10.2009 08:43 AM

All the gigs I want to go to are 18+... fuck that shit!

I'm missing Kayo Dot, Nadja and a few others now.

Nadja is only five clams though... so maybe I could just chance my luck.

Sonic Youth 37 08.10.2009 09:58 AM

Tomorrow: Agent Orange (unless I drive 3 hours for Fear)
rest of August: perhaps Green Jelly
Sept: Sunn O))), Yo La Tengo
Oct: GWAR, maybe...they've played here 3 times in less than two years...and I've almost went every time. I doubt this time too though unless I go with a big group, because Lamb of God are headlining the show.

diamondsea 08.10.2009 07:11 PM

Dinosaur jr, Oxford, August 19

[quote=blunderbuss] Tatsuya Yoshida

Great, and Cafe Oto is great too

automatic bzooty 08.10.2009 08:02 PM

regina spektor in september.

i like her enough (stfu) but there were so many other shows this year i would have rather been at. nyeh.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 08.10.2009 08:54 PM

Sonic Youth @ the Wiltern
Israel Vibrations sept 3 @ the Key Club
Lee Scratch Perry August 25 @ the Key Club
e-40 August 20 @ the Key Club
(i know, the key club is cracking this month ;) )
Groundation @ the Brixton October 7

SuperCreep 08.19.2009 01:32 PM

Leonard Cohen
Sonic Youth/Dinosaur Jr.

pinkstation 08.19.2009 01:40 PM

dinosaur jr
built to spill
st. vincent
neko case

loubarret 08.19.2009 01:44 PM

Pukkelpop starts tommorow which means My bloody valentine, jesus lizard and loads of other bands

pinkstation 08.19.2009 01:46 PM

ive seen jesus lizard. david yow goes completely insane. really really good show. to some extent they scare me though.

SONIC GAIL 08.19.2009 01:48 PM


Originally Posted by pinkstation
ive seen jesus lizard. david yow goes completely insane. really really good show. to some extent they scare me though.

You are quite lucky. I would love to see the lizard.

loubarret 08.19.2009 01:48 PM

I bought the ticket to see my bloody valentine and jesus lizard+their are some other bands I love(Future of the left, deftones) and some stuff which I would like to see live.

So easy bet. And I will get to touch David Jow, what it takes.

pinkstation 08.19.2009 01:57 PM

i can't even imagine seeing my bloody valentine live. holy shit.

fun fact:

my bloody valentine shows have been recorder to reach 135 decibels. this is the same sound intensiting that one would experience being underneath a jet engine during takeoff. around 140 db all one can hear is silence.

loubarret 08.19.2009 02:05 PM

The holocaust reaches that, on the end of you made me...

Me to. I littary run two laps wen I heard they were playing here but I needed to miss it throught a party but then they signed in on pukkelpop and I was execited as a little kid. I adore them so much.

Also seeing good old Deftones, still it's weird that their bassist is in a coma and the old Quicksand guy is filling in.

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