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Danny Himself 07.14.2007 10:05 AM

SY Gossip Fan Tribute Album - Volume 2
Sonic Youth Gossip

Record a Sonic Youth cover, by yourself or with your friends! Upload it to a file sharing website like Badongo or Yousendit and send me a private message with the download link inside. I'll compile them all and with help from everybody with cover art and sequencing, we can have our very own Sonic Youth Gossip Tribute Albums. So far we have completed one volume, and the project is now accepting submissions for volume 2!

Swing by our site, to download previous volumes and find out a little more about the people behind the covers.

General guidelines:
multiple submissions by one person: no.
submissions of one person in combination with others: yes
be creative, try not to just recreate a song

Submissions we have recieved so far:

Little Trouble Girl - contrelefuckingsexisme
Mildred Pierce - Neongod / CHOUT / king_buzzo
The Burning Spear - CHOUT
Death Valley '69 - Silver Son
Silver Rocket -t.ow
Disappearer - sarramkroporkmarras
Green Light - tasteinmen
Starpower - SpectralJulianIsDead
Within You, Without You (!) - Cantankerous

CHOUT 07.17.2007 11:36 PM

I may have a mix of The Burning Spear for you tonight dood! There's even drill action on it now.

CHOUT 07.18.2007 01:17 AM

You have a message, Danny :)

Danny Himself 07.18.2007 09:05 AM

Thanks CHOUT! Another sexy submission.

GrungeMonkey 07.18.2007 01:22 PM

I might have a go at this with my band, we're doing a little bit of recording this weekend...

I could try some cover art too if you want...

Danny Himself 07.18.2007 01:26 PM

Nice. What song are you gonna perform for us?

GrungeMonkey 07.18.2007 01:38 PM

Not sure at the moment... I'm thinking maybe a shortened acoustic version of the diamond sea, though someone's probably already done that... I don't know, I'll try loads of stuff, see how it goes, maybe stones/rain on tin...

Danny Himself 07.18.2007 01:47 PM

We've already had a cover of the diamond sea for volume one.. but yeah, just do what you feel!

Silver Son 07.20.2007 08:42 AM

Hey Danny
I have a submission for Volume 2.
Me and my band have do a cover of Death Valley 69, it just needs to be mixed, then I will send it to you..

Danny Himself 07.20.2007 09:47 AM


I can't wait to hear it.

deflinus 07.20.2007 03:03 PM

I want to record Reena. i'll get back to you.

GrungeMonkey 07.22.2007 02:08 PM

Whats the title of this thing? I'm going to do a few designs for the album art if I find the time...

StarfieldRoad 07.22.2007 02:13 PM

um if we record our next show. i should be able to contribute a copy of The Wonder or Silver Rocket to it. maybe a copy Youth Against Fascism or 100% as well. all depends on how big of a slot we get.

nicfit 07.22.2007 02:53 PM


Originally Posted by GrungeMonkey
Whats the title of this thing? I'm going to do a few designs for the album art if I find the time...

there's still the "offcial" artwork for vol.1 to be done!:eek:

CHOUT 07.26.2007 02:21 AM

What's up with this? Is there a deadline? Anyone else throwing down? Contribute, bitches.

farmhouse 07.26.2007 05:25 AM

i shall be contributing very soon . . . just gotta do the techy bit and convert some bits and upload this and that then a tweak or too and hopefully bob's yer bleedin' uncle.

A Thousand Threads 07.26.2007 05:52 AM

Making the drama scene and me want to contribute as well.

We thought about doing NYCG&F

Danny Himself 07.26.2007 09:30 AM

Cool. Good to know people are still working on it.

jean-nicolas 07.27.2007 01:57 AM

I think i'm gonna do Karen Koltrane.
What's the deadline?

atsonicpark 07.27.2007 02:10 AM

damn you guys are choosing hard songs to cover. congrats!

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