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The Soup Nazi 03.22.2023 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by Bertrand
[...] thanks to my coworkers being more and more demanding and extremely carefree [...]




Bertrand 03.23.2023 02:47 PM


I get them to know what I think of their actions, but the big boss is on another planet, and she doesn't hear those shouting fuck you.

Anyway expressing yourself always feels good, even if it doesn't lead to anything (pisser dans un violon in French).

_tunic_ 03.25.2023 08:20 AM

Nils Frahm is playing my home town in September, so couldn't resist buying a ticket for it. And while at the venue's site, got myself ticket for a classical concert next week. It's an orchestra by conservatory students, but one of the pieces they play is very interesting, sort of a mix between classical and minimal compositions: Harmonielehre by John Adams That concert is next week, and hardly any ticket was sold yet, so I'll be all alone in a very big concert hall with 90(?) musicians on stage :)

The Soup Nazi 03.25.2023 09:14 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
That concert is next week, and hardly any ticket was sold yet, so I'll be all alone in a very big concert hall with 90(?) musicians on stage :)

Ha, remember Experiment Ensam, with a certain Bob Dylan?


Oh man... PARADISE...

_tunic_ 03.29.2023 07:28 AM

looks like that classical concert that I was going to this Friday got cancelled. So says the venue's site. Haven't gotten confirmation yet, I suppose I will get my money back .... Checked the day before yesterday (when it wasn't canceled yet) and only a couple tickets were sold like 10 max. for the big symphony hall that fit hundreds of people.

Too bad, I was curious about that Adams piece

choc e-Claire 03.29.2023 05:52 PM

black midi on Saturday night!

_tunic_ 04.01.2023 06:17 AM

God's Pee at a festival in The Hague next Saturday.
Tried to get tickets to their long sold out Paradiso gig the next day via Ticketswap, but had no luck so far. The Festival wasn't sold out yet, and they still have a 1.5 hour slot. Will miss Jessica Moss unfortunately, she isn't doing the festival :( But there are some other interesting artists, will see what else I'll catch.

oh Jessica Moss isn't doing the Europe tour with the Godspee's. Nevermind then

Kuhb 04.04.2023 04:18 AM

Slowdive and Cloud Nothings this month

choc e-Claire 04.04.2023 05:32 AM


Originally Posted by Kuhb
Slowdive and Cloud Nothings this month

I see a fellow Australian. :p

Kuhb 04.05.2023 12:27 AM


Originally Posted by choc e-Claire
I see a fellow Australian. :p

G'day cobber

_tunic_ 04.15.2023 04:39 AM

Chad Lawson this Sunday. Don't really know who he is, neo-classical pianist a bit like Nils Frahm. Listening to his bandcamp right now it sounds nice, albeit very mellow to my usual taste. But he's visiting my hometown and I need a gig to test my rig before next week's Roadburn Fest.
The recording of God's Pee failed miserably last week :( I think/hope it's because one of the switches was in the wrong setting, automatic recording levels instead of manual. Blah, it was my first recording after 5 years(!).

Then Graham Nash in September, also in my hometown. Can't bother to travel anymore, just wait until they visit me :)
He's a legend, probably the last time he comes visit these parts. Listened to his first two solo albums so much that I can dream them. Haven't heard his new tunes yet, hope they are decent....

_tunic_ 04.21.2023 04:47 AM

Roadburn Fest this weekend.
Started yesterday, only went to a few gigs. And am already dead tired, I'm not built to stand on my feet for hours and hours ....
Esben & The Witch was a bit boring actually, saw them years ago and liked them more back then. But it may also be that I couldn't see the stage, only the heads in front of me, and her voice wasn't too pure ...

let's see how long I'll last today. Oiseaux Tempete and Brutus!! And a surprise appearance by Bell Witch

The Soup Nazi 04.21.2023 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
[...] it may also be that I couldn't see the stage, only the heads in front of me [...]

Well that was money well spent...

_tunic_ 04.21.2023 04:00 PM


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi
Well that was money well spent...

I was on the balcony, and was too late to stand more up front.
Today was much much better. Only saw the three mentioned bands, but they were excellent.

_tunic_ 04.24.2023 09:52 AM

In case anyone is curious. Here's what I saw at the Roadburn festival:

Complete Recording:
Apr 21, 2023: Bell Witch -> awesome DOOM, live debut of their new album, one 80 minutes song
Apr 21, 2023: Brutus -> amazing band
Apr 22, 2023: Oiseaux-Tempête -> gig 2 of 3, has my favourite songs
Apr 22, 2023: healthyliving -> not really my cup of tea, but she has an amazing voice
Apr 22, 2023: Dance of The Seven Veils dance performance featuring the singer of Amenra and a soprano singer. Wonderful music
Apr 23, 2023: Big ‡ Brave --> loud and impressive feedback, the bass player looked like a science teacher
Apr 23, 2023: Mamaleek --> so so funny. I don't know if it's meant to be funny, but I was smiling all the way through. Might have been the beer, it probably was. Good music, sort of a mix between Slint and Faith No More with grunt vocalist
Apr 23, 2023: Oiseaux-Tempête --> gig 3/3 don't like these songs as much as the ones from gig 2, but it was very impressive live

Partial Recording:
Apr 21, 2023: Oiseaux-Tempête (first song missing) --> bummer that I missed the first song, but didn't want to leave Bell Witch
Apr 23, 2023: Iskandr (first 2-3 songs) -> black metal with a drum machine. didn't like
Apr 23, 2023: Mat Ball (last 15 minutes) -> he's the guitarist of Big Brave, loud loud loud guitar, reminded me a bit of Neil Young's Arc stuff. Overlapped with Mamaleek
Apr 23, 2023: Afsky (first ~40 minutes only) --> doom trash metal, and more trash than doom. Not my thing, but liked them still. Had to leave to get a good spot for Oiseaux Tempete

Attended (including partially), but not recorded:
Apr 20, 2023: Grift --> don't even remember what this was. edit: ah yeah, acoustic fairy folk metal something like that
Apr 20, 2023: ENPHIN (few songs only) --> don't even remember what this was
Apr 20, 2023: Esben and the Witch --> as already said, I liked them much more the previous time I saw them, 10 years or so ago
Apr 20, 2023: Sangre de Muerdago -> very weird not sure if I liked
Apr 21, 2023: Teeth of the Sea (few songs only) --> left because the bass was loud and resonating
Apr 21, 2023: Maud the moth (few songs only) --> might have liked it if I had seen it from the start. This is the solo project of healthyliving's singer
Apr 22, 2023: Cave In (few songs only) --> they played two sets at this festival, this was a set with oddities and covers. They played Plainsong by The Cure which I didn't hear, but would have wanted to hear. Didn't really like the songs I did witness
Apr 23, 2023: Nicole Dollanganger (few songs only) --> didn't like at all

Drjohnrock 05.08.2023 09:17 PM

Tomorrow night I'm going to see The Nude Party. Anyone familiar with their music?

_tunic_ 05.14.2023 04:59 AM

coming Friday: Mono! And they play the tiny room (~400 people)
The support on their current Europe tour is very good as well.

hirsute_biped 05.18.2023 11:11 PM

If I was in New York, I would go to this La Monte Young concert:

_tunic_ 06.03.2023 08:41 AM

woohoo! FACS is visiting my hometown in October, they play a sort of small venue I haven't been to yet. Their only Dutch gig for this tour so it seems. Haven't seen a full schedule yet though

Bertrand 06.05.2023 10:59 AM

I might go see Mylène Farmer friday. Odd? Yes. Huge venue. A stadium actually. I feel quite good about being among thousands of people for now. Will it last?
The following night I should attend a much much smaller festival where a guy called Rouge Gorge plays (he covered West End Girls with good French lyrics). has a bunch of cheap covers.
I'll attend the Route du Rock festival mid-late august with Dry Cleaning, Sorry, Osees, Gizzard, Yo La Tengo...

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