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Jt 03.26.2006 06:20 PM

They're touring this summer in the UK.

Okay, so I had the choice of EITHER going for a CLUB gig by themselves, or... seeing them in a stadium with Beck. I chose the latter.

Right... wrong? The way I see it there's pros and cons for both...

schizophrenicroom 03.26.2006 06:23 PM

You made a good choice. Beck= awesome (except for Scientology, but that's another thread).

I could never get into them except for The Bends and Heil to The Thief. That's just me, though.

HaydenAsche 03.26.2006 06:25 PM

I would've went to the club gig myself just because I despise stadiums(How indie am I?) but at least you get to see two GREAT bands.

Jt 03.26.2006 06:26 PM

Well I don't know. I mean the whole intimacy thing is attractive to some people... but, like, the clubs hold maybe 3,000-5,000 people - not THAT intimate.

And I figured they'd be more balls-out at a stadium gig with Beck than a club gig where they might focus more on accoustic stuff.

I've never seen either of them live, y'see. I'm also thinking about festivals this summer, but... spy Most seem to suck with the exception of ATP. And that's a rip.

krastian 03.26.2006 06:29 PM

WRONG.....holy hell man! Club vs huge stadium? You can see Beck on a solo tour......either way have fun.

HaydenAsche 03.26.2006 06:29 PM

I like to go to clubs around here that hold well under 1,000 people but Radiohead is far too big to play those places. I prefer the intimate setting even if it is a whole 3,000 people.

Jt 03.26.2006 06:33 PM

*Shrug* I don't know. For one thing, it'll probably be a longer more bombastic set at the stadium... But I know, the club gigs would have had their charm. Are any of you guys going to festivals anyhow? Because, barring this, I can't see me doing any this time...

HaydenAsche 03.26.2006 06:34 PM

I'm going to Sonshine and Cornerstone but only cause I'm getting in free. A few decent bands playing decent sets doesn't seem like it'd be worth it to pay to get into any festival. Too many people.

krastian 03.26.2006 06:37 PM

I think their set would be just as long in a club as it would be at a stadium......I was on the lawn when I saw them and couldn't see shit. But it still was an amazing show.

Jt 03.26.2006 06:46 PM

I guess the lesson to be learned is... get there friggin' EARLY. I suppose this'll have to be my... festival... for this year. Although for next year, I've heard some KER-RAZY shit about Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Neil Young headlining Glastonbury. ...IMAGINE.

fishmonkey 03.27.2006 04:24 AM

yeah, i'm gonna try get tix for the Marley Park show in Dublin, cant wait, its gonna be good

_slavo_ 03.27.2006 04:43 AM

I'm gonna see them on Sziget festival in Hungary in August. Wow, I'm so damn excited!!!! When I was like 16-17 ('The Bends' era), I used to be a major fan of theirs. Their later production didn't make me that crazy though.

anyway, it's gonna be a blast, I hope.

nicfit 03.27.2006 05:38 AM

one and only time i saw RH was in a beautiful square near a castle here in italy,with i guess something like 6000 or 7000 fellow listeners.GREAT atmosphere,AMAZING show.all depends on the quality of the stage amplification,in bigger place if the sound is good you'll absolutely love them
plus,beck is really good lve,i don't actually care a damn about his religious beliefs ;P !

here is the location

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