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drrrtyboots 08.02.2007 11:35 AM

Surprising new Magik Markers (real) song

A video for a new song off their upcoming Ecstatic Peace record, BOSS. And suprisingly, it's actually a structured song and not a bad one at that.

edit: This one's really shocking -

PAULYBEE2656 08.02.2007 11:53 AM

Markers Have Turned A Corner.... Now Everyone Will Like Em!

sarramkrop 08.02.2007 11:57 AM

Mazzy Star.

atsonicpark 08.02.2007 12:49 PM

another thread where i simply reply "ew"

pbradley 08.02.2007 01:14 PM

Jefferson Airplane meets subdued noise. I like.

Washing Machine 08.02.2007 01:15 PM


tesla69 08.02.2007 01:20 PM

yet another duo..

jimbrim 08.02.2007 01:51 PM

I'm really liking that Bad Dream song, cant wait for the album.

jon boy 08.02.2007 01:54 PM

where theyre songs not real songs before?

k-krack 08.02.2007 01:56 PM

No. They were pieces of shit.

atsonicpark 08.02.2007 02:01 PM

here's my opinion before this record: this has to be the worst band i've ever heard. worse than the mars volta even. it's embarassing to me to think that any band i've ever seen around here -- even shitty nu-metal bands -- or any amateur basement recording shit project i've ever heard -- and that's hundreds -- or probably any band of any member of this board -- and there's some good bands by members on this board -- is about 70000x better than this awful shit and yet this band is reviewed on pitchfork, touring with sonic youth/dinosaur jr, and people actually act like they want to hear any new recordings by them. this shit has got to stop. magik markers is BEYOND infantile, reprehensible, retarded noise to a point where it's just NOTHING. It's as if they don't actually do anything. There is not a single element of their sound that is attractive or of any quality. And that alone may be what appeals to people, but i say those people are stupid. Avant garde is one thing, but avant garde that doesn't move anyone or anything -- and actually somehow does THAT wrong by WANTING to move people and not going full-force into pure cold atonality -- is just bland nothingness; it's akin to a film that is nothing but silence and blackness or an art piece that is a blank canvas... yeah, it's cool that it exists and someone is out there doing it, but no amount of good press, hyperbole, or thurston moore press quotes can actually make the concept into something that is of any quality whatsoever.

i will reserve my judgement until i actually hear this record, but up to this point i've heard .. let's see .. roughly 5 magik markers releases, give or take.. and it was the worse shit i've ever heard. i mean, if you want infantile avant garde silliness, go listen to jon's "smoke" (which is like a 5-year-old girl playing cute little organ melodies and whispering about her dogs for 20 minutes). i haven't downloaded this song yet, so yeah........ let's see...

atsonicpark 08.02.2007 02:08 PM

holy shit! they still fucking suck!

drrrtyboots 08.02.2007 02:11 PM

Atsonic, i'm pretty sure you've gotten your point across. I put this up for the people here that dig them and I know there are a few.

atsonicpark 08.02.2007 02:15 PM

I know, and I'll shut up now; I don't have anything left to say about this (unless someone wants to reply "FUCK YOU ATSONICPARK MAGIK MARKERS ARE THE BEST EXAMPLE OF PRIMAL NO WAVE NOISE FREE FORM BEAT POETRY DOWNTOWN 1974 NEW YORK NASDAQ.. UM.. DOW JONES.. UH... SKRONK FEEDBACK BROKEN GUITAR WITH THURSTON MOORE AND LEE RANALDO IN THONGS -- NOT THONG SANDALS, ACTUAL FUCKING THONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"). But it does kinda bug me that Markers are so highly-regarded when they suck so badly. I mean.. I dunno.. I know the Markers must put a lot of non-creative thought in anything they do, and that appeals to people, but what about bands who actually are, y'know, good (ACTUALLY good and not "duh i like this band cuz they is performance artz") and struggling to get by when these magik shitheads do basically nothing and make a living off of it.. just insane.. Just truely the PERFECT example of a band that is fun to talk about but has not a single song worth listening to. Oh well. To each their own.

pbradley 08.02.2007 02:22 PM

Atsonicpark needs another two paragraph rant. I'll provide the passion.

I'd rather listen to Magik Markers over Scissor Shock. GO!

drrrtyboots 08.02.2007 02:23 PM

To each their own, exactly. Music is purely an opinion-based interest. And had I never seen the Magik Markers live, I wouldn't give two shits about them. In almost all recorded form, they have been utter shit but this new approach is kind of refreshing.

jon boy 08.02.2007 02:33 PM


Originally Posted by k-krack
No. They were pieces of shit.

they are amazing, love the mm's.

MellySingsDoom 08.02.2007 02:45 PM

So they've gone the free folk/drone route - hmm, not exactly original, but certainly a rather pleasant tune, and it's the music wot counts, innit?

atsonicpark 08.02.2007 03:44 PM

In all honesty and seriousness -- and I'm saying this with no ego whatsoever -- 99% of the world would rather listen to Scissor Shock than the Magik Markers. Not because we're particularly good, but because the Magik Markers are the worst band in the face of the planet. See, what I think they SHOULD do is exploit their terribleness.. have songs like "FUCK YOU, GOD" and just don't bring instruments to their gigs and borrow/break other bands's shit or beat on the trash cans and shit. If they were completely aware of their suck, they could use it to actually do something interesting.

Alex's Trip 08.02.2007 03:54 PM


Originally Posted by pbradley
I'd rather listen to Magik Markers over Scissor Shock. GO!

I'd rather listen to neither, but I must agree with AtSonicPark here. The Magik Markers suck.

At least the new songs don't make me want to vomit. "Bad Dream" was okay though. Very Mazzy Star.

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