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Jeremy 09.07.2010 02:30 AM

Hopefully Pixies on September 25th as a late birthday present.

For certain Matador at 21 October 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.


Eli Renfro 09.08.2010 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by kurt45
Unfortunately,They are in Denver seperate nights I think the Hollywood Bowl show is a one off,BTW last time I saw them was the Filter party at Little Radio Warehouse in LA great show!

I like the fact that we get them on separate nights...2 great nights of music instead of just 1. Pavement on Thursday, SY in a few weeks.

tesla69 09.08.2010 03:50 PM

Sleep tonite in Brooklyn - allegedly playing 2 hours sets

Florya 09.09.2010 09:20 AM

The Pop Group on Saturday in Islington

_slavo_ 09.10.2010 12:40 AM

i might go and see the following:

Emeralds in Prague, Czech republic
Oneohthix point never in Krakow, Poland
ATP in Minehead, UK

pokkeherrie 09.10.2010 02:30 AM

^^You should definitely go to ATP!

In September I'm seeing Circle, Hallogallo, Zola Jesus, Six Organs of Admittance, Anaal Nathrakh, Shellac and then some other stuff.

Then October is just too awesome to list all here but it starts with Urfaust (who luckily seemed to have changed their mind about never playing in Holland again) on the 2nd and ends with Electric Wizard on the 31st.

loubarret 09.10.2010 02:49 AM

Is Electric Wizard that record release whow? I heard something about that.

pokkeherrie 09.10.2010 03:52 AM

Yeah, they're playing de Burgerweeshuis in Deventer and the album comes out the following day.

According to their myspace it's a Halloween horrorthon/LP release party, so I'm expecting them to play new material against a backdrop of sleazy 70's horror movies.

loubarret 09.10.2010 04:57 AM

Ah cool, I might go also even I'm pretty full for October.

EVOLghost 09.30.2010 03:53 PM

GOnna go see Klaxons tonight!

stu666 11.09.2010 10:50 AM

Very excited, i'm going to see Trumans Water playing in Ipswich!


a-p a. niemi 11.10.2010 03:15 AM

Few days ago I saw Das Kapital, Juhani Aaltonen Quartet, Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Marc Ribot Sunship, Tin Hat, Dave Holland Quintet and Hamid Drake & Bindu at Tampere Jazz Happening.

Today I'm going to attend a lecture/workshop/performance by this group called Samo from Tajikistan and tomorrow I'll be going to see a gig by Danford Zawose (Tanzania).
At January I'm going to see GY!BE in Helsinki and in May Swans in Tampere (first time in Finland!). Oh, and James Blackshaw before Swans.

Torn Curtain 11.13.2010 08:59 AM

Shannon Wright tonight at Angoulême (la Nef).

blunderbuss 11.17.2010 03:22 AM

Surprisingly busy for a December:

Dead C / Bardo Pond
Concern / Tuluum Shimmering / Pascal Nichols
SY / Shellac / Pop Group / Factory Floor

pokkeherrie 11.17.2010 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by blunderbuss

Manchester or Cambridge? I've given up on London, guess it'll only be Den Haag for me this tour.

Last week I saw Shrinebuilder, next week I'll be seeing Swans and that is all for November.

_slavo_ 11.17.2010 07:41 AM

My own gig, tomorrow.

shabbray2.0 11.17.2010 08:01 AM

^^really you will see it?

wish you the best with it
does another kick ass poster for it exist?

loubarret 11.17.2010 08:17 AM

Really excited also over seeing swans and gate also.

EVOLghost 11.17.2010 08:35 AM

I WANT to go see Grinderman this coming monday....but that means I have to stay up all night....sigh...

_slavo_ 11.17.2010 09:25 AM


Originally Posted by shabbray2.0
^^really you will see it?

wish you the best with it
does another kick ass poster for it exist?

thank you

i'm excited about it, i guess it's gonna be a blast in case everything works out fine. this time it's going to be far more sample oriented than my previous gigs (screwed/mangled/processed/downtuned samples), and ... i will even sing at one point towards the end of the set!

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