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Genteel Death 10.21.2013 12:59 PM

Drake - Nothing Was the Same

Genteel Death 10.21.2013 01:10 PM

I'm going to listen to Mordecai's ''College Rock'' straight after that. Whoever said they sound a bit like an American version of Swell Maps is right. Excellent record. The song ''Scuzz'' reminds me a lot of Neil Young's ''Look Out For My Love'', which is a good thing in my book.

Genteel Death 10.21.2013 03:35 PM


louder 10.21.2013 04:55 PM



chocolate_ladyland 10.21.2013 10:32 PM


Cooly G - Playin Me


Kelela - Cut 4 Me


Jam City - Classical Curves

Been digging some "bass music" (I guess...) lately.


And then a classic. Holy shit I forgot how great a song Jimi is.

Torn Curtain 10.22.2013 03:54 PM

The Stooges - The complete Funhouse sessions (disc 2)

pad_023 10.24.2013 10:16 AM




louder 10.26.2013 04:01 AM


Dr Chocolate 10.26.2013 08:20 PM

HUMAN EYE = The Movie Is Real

holy shit, the cats are going nuts
and i thought my phone was ringing
that's some trippy "placed sound effects"

sy2004 10.28.2013 01:22 PM

the excellent new album from belgium's greatest unknown band

pad_023 10.28.2013 01:36 PM


Insanely good live album by The Clean, the version of Point That Thing Somewhere Else is terrific.

guest 10.29.2013 05:06 AM

pad we're literally listening to the exact same stuff at the moment, although I listened to vehicle instead of in a live (point that thing.... is one of my favourite songs ever, undoubtedly) and spirits of the sun instead of ocean on ocean.


pad_023 10.29.2013 05:50 AM

Nice, I have been listening to a lot of NZ stuff this week.

The Slaves are great though, 2 cracking albums so far.

I'm really looking forward to their next effort.

Bytor Peltor 10.29.2013 06:28 AM


pony 10.29.2013 07:23 AM


chocolate_ladyland 10.29.2013 04:04 PM





louder 10.30.2013 05:50 AM

lots and lots of lou reed

Nefeli 10.31.2013 04:30 AM

pink reason now and VU earlier in the morning.

louder 11.01.2013 08:52 AM


louder 11.01.2013 11:02 AM

new M.I.A.^^^

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