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viewtiful alan redux 09.21.2010 03:11 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
Melvins rule.

Its been too long since I really sat down and LISTENED to The Melvins. They've always been one of my favorite bands though.

Torn Curtain 09.21.2010 03:25 PM

Jane Birkin - Jane B.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 09.21.2010 10:08 PM


I'm not sure why I still enjoy this one, but I do. It's interesting to hear the band with the guy from Snot instead of Wes Borland. Red Light, Green Light with Snoop Dogg is the highlight of the album.

deflinus 09.21.2010 10:25 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 09.21.2010 10:48 PM


Count Mecha 09.21.2010 11:42 PM



Dr. Eugene Felikson 09.22.2010 12:15 AM



Inhuman 09.22.2010 01:28 AM


stu666 09.22.2010 03:32 AM


Florya 09.22.2010 08:31 AM


loubarret 09.22.2010 09:08 AM



a-p a. niemi 09.22.2010 09:12 AM


loubarret 09.22.2010 10:42 AM


viewtiful alan redux 09.22.2010 11:20 AM



Dr. Eugene Felikson 09.22.2010 11:25 AM



loubarret 09.22.2010 11:50 AM


The Earl Of Slander 09.22.2010 12:54 PM


One of those rare moments where you buy an album pretty much on a whim, put it on for the first time, and just know that it's exactly the right album for you at this point in your life. On my 4th listen through since I bought it yesterday, and it keeps on getting better. Amazing. I can see what Lee was talking about when he called it one of the best of the decade...

chicka 09.22.2010 12:54 PM


like I said yesterday I'm in Pink Floyd state of mind......

Dr. Eugene Felikson 09.22.2010 03:12 PM



Youth_Against_Facism 09.22.2010 07:56 PM

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