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gast30 09.26.2012 12:08 PM

2013 the year of the unknown
countdown in with me
in coma or in full glory

the last 100 days
4 days already started in the unknown
96 days in the known
and then it's 2013 the year of the unknown


floatingslowly 09.26.2012 12:17 PM

2017 - a year without shape or form

gast30 09.26.2012 12:28 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly
2017 - a year without shape or form

yep :)

gast30 09.26.2012 12:43 PM

things you didn't know about time
time is very interesting

man with watches are seen by woman as acurate men
so if you wear a watch there is a believe or superstious by woman
it is going to be all right

there are soo many man with watches
if i have to believe that theory
there are billions of happy family's on earth

if i beleive creates that ones lived in trees :rolleyes:

floatingslowly 09.26.2012 12:48 PM

Hogwash. I haven't worn a watch in over 20 years.

No problems here.

Rob Instigator 09.26.2012 01:07 PM

I have found that corpo business folk do not take you seriously if you are not wearing a watch.

floatingslowly 09.26.2012 01:19 PM

I assure you, they hardly notice a missing watch while they are gawking at your cock.

gast30 09.26.2012 01:23 PM

time with numbers make me go insaine
it is so unnatural

like an endless numerolgy game
and it is everyday the same game

floatingslowly 09.26.2012 01:25 PM

We might as well attach devices that measure the frequency and magnitude of our hallucinations.


gast30 09.26.2012 01:39 PM

how did this happend?

at school
where they spoonfed me with A B C and 1 2 3

later i found out it was pioson
what the schools learned didn't give justice and freedom

i looked at the skies of 2000 as they passed
the modern world arrived
send my name to mars

and made a silent promise i'll change the world
in the name of the first light
the light that created the universe

and brought the A*beam to life

gast30 09.26.2012 01:40 PM


Originally Posted by floatingslowly
We might as well attach devices that measure the frequency and magnitude of our hallucinations.



gast30 09.26.2012 02:25 PM

time is differently from region to region

you can take early egypt
sun clocks and knowledge of positions stars

european region
stone edge agriculture time

chinees region
they have another progress much early'r

american region
maya calander

they all come to the surface in different times

it is not all develloped in one human time

the reason is simple
the population spread and devellopment 'luck'

now satellites bring people world wide connected in the same time

gast30 09.26.2012 02:36 PM

before human time
there is ofcourse the season

think when you hear on the news or radio or internet
'....the first snow has fallen.....'

is it the first snow that has fallen?
be critical before you believe everthing you hear or see

the first snow has fallen after the earth was cooled down enough
to form snow
then was the first snow fallen

that is here on this planet

maybe there is/are other planet(s) where the same phenomenon happend

gast30 09.26.2012 02:58 PM

on this last 97 day nasa brought out a photo
that took 10 years to photograph
the hubble ultra deep vieuw

gast30 10.06.2012 07:23 PM

86 days left

last time i update

please update yourself in these last days of 2012

gast30 10.09.2012 01:10 PM

the sea of 2013
the sea of 2013

i was the thruth
that wanted the apes
to climb down
from their trees of truth

i was the future
that wanted the past
to stay in his grave

i was the sea
where the apes were the beach
that wanted the waves to stop

i was 2013

floatingslowly 10.09.2012 02:42 PM

Apes will be apes. You cannot expect them to go against programming easily.

gast30 10.09.2012 07:29 PM

i thought to be creative and use the word 'ape' in a poem about 2013


if no one uses a darwinistic approche
because of the fear to be not commercial
or to damage their reputation

then I will

because i find it has a strong working with the time, year 2013

like 'ape' is a forbidden word
you know the old word of sensorship

we like to oppres what we really are
it is been very dangerous to oppres what you really are

in the modern world we have everyday a 1000% garantee of what we really are

gast30 10.09.2012 07:54 PM

this is not your internet foreverakiss

i don't work for you

i don't live my life to entertain you

this site is of the band sonic youth
this is the non sonic forum

if you want to drop bullshit fine

do it
like you are doing now

there are oceans of digital space to drop bullshit, nonsense, cool things

don't play that you are the teacher of the sonic youth website
that is going to tell everyone 'how they should post or what they should post'

if you want to do that
you should become a dictator

ok foreverakiss?

gast30 10.09.2012 07:56 PM

chekout my drone project ?? did you lost your mind ?

i don't have money to buy food

and i should have a drone project ???

let's stay on earth
shall we

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