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_tunic_ 05.23.2007 03:07 PM

it's free, warm and scratchy too!
go get it

'Me-I' - TV On The Radio
'Dead Sound' - The Raveonettes
'The Equestrian' - Les Savy Fav
'Crimson Red' - The Rapture
'Justine' - 120 Days
'Canada Vs. America' - Broken Social Scene
'Color of the Love You Have' - SOUND Team
'The Bunting Song' (acoustic version) - The Good, The Bad and The Queen
'Half Century' - The Brother Kite
'Silver (Original Beats)' - Jesu
'Back to Flash' - Amusement Parks on Fire
'Stay Awake' - Asobi Seksu
'Winter' - Fennesz
'Sunset Rodeo' Liars

nicfit 05.23.2007 03:09 PM

nobody will listen to your advice :(

Or, hopefully, nobody listened to me and everybody will listen to you ;) :)!

_tunic_ 05.23.2007 03:22 PM

oh crap, sorry. I did search (for fennesz) to see if this was already posted. But apparently I didn't bother to check the results properly

nicfit 05.23.2007 03:28 PM

Oh, don't worry! I'm glad you reposted it, the more people will dl it the better it is! I didn't "point that out" to "claim" I made the first thread, jsut to underline how few people replied... :)

_tunic_ 05.23.2007 03:34 PM

cool :-)
I like that Raveonettes song a lot, haven't completely listened to the rest yet

nicfit 05.23.2007 04:08 PM

See? SEE? NOBODY replies! ueeeeeeeeh! :( :(

_tunic_ 05.24.2007 12:04 PM

I'm afraid you're right.....


nicfit 05.24.2007 12:24 PM


Originally Posted by _tunic_
I'm afraid you're right.....


Well, we have a place to hang out, just the two of us, uh ;)?
Actually maybe people read, go to the link and then forget to reply here.

cryptowonderdruginvogue 05.24.2007 12:34 PM

good stuff, thanks

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