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finding nobody 03.21.2006 11:50 AM

Sonic Youth returns...

Inhuman 03.21.2006 11:55 AM


perfectwagnerite 03.21.2006 12:52 PM


screamingskull 03.21.2006 01:03 PM

he he, i have a cousin is called Sonic, and he is a youth. ha ha ha.

finding nobody 03.21.2006 01:48 PM

yay puns! lets get back to the detailed sonic discusions. i still crack up over the thought of thurston riding a scooter. genuis

Hip Priest 03.21.2006 01:49 PM

Murray Street is the perfect LP, the greatest ever.

Sonic love, everyone.

Inhuman 03.21.2006 01:52 PM


Originally Posted by Hip Priest
Murray Street is the perfect LP, the greatest ever.

Sonic love, everyone.

I can't believe I don't have it yet. Once I start work again, I'm using my whole first paycheque on Sonic Youth CD's that I don't have that I should have. Murray Street's supposed to be like a better Sonic Nurse, so it's essential.

(yay, 50 posts)

Hip Priest 03.21.2006 02:12 PM

Worth the money for Rain on Tin alone in my opinion. I doubted they would ever do anything to top Sister and Dirty, but they did. Now I'm very hopeful for this new LP too.

noisemachine 03.21.2006 04:53 PM

Yeah, Murray Street is definitely an essential. One of the best records of the 21st century thus far, I must say.

TheDom 03.21.2006 04:55 PM

hey dude

I heard Sonic Youth HuskerDewed in '84

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 04:59 PM

I'm going to miss the old fullerene board. Hey, at least I can still troll the Game and Limp Bizkit boards with Goo14.

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 05:00 PM

Dom, Sonic Youth actually were Husker Du in 83.

RdTv 03.21.2006 05:24 PM

I thought in '83 Sonic Youth was in The Beatles??? Go figure.....

RdTv 03.21.2006 05:26 PM

or maybe they were Frank Zappa, too many people.....

TheDom 03.21.2006 05:28 PM

Oh yeah I forgot.

HuskermountainDew84 4 life!

with that said I HAVE to post this picture from the old thread

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 05:31 PM

Dude, Sonic Youth was the Beatles in the 40s. Way off!

TheDom 03.21.2006 05:34 PM

Captain Beefheat + Robby Dylan + Diana Ross + Stevie Wonder + Little Richard = Sonic Youth x Frank Zappa x Bealtes = Husker Du/Sonic Youth = Miles Davis + Sun Ra + Stooges = Velvet Underground - Nico = SONIC YOUTH

it's that simple

Hip Priest 03.21.2006 05:34 PM


Originally Posted by HaydenAsche
Dude, Sonic Youth was the Beatles in the 40s. Way off!

Yeah, well, Sonic youth are still going and the Beatles aren't, so who's laughing now?


RdTv 03.21.2006 05:37 PM

Good point Hip Priest, hey wait a sec., aren't you in The Fall???

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 05:37 PM

My brother. He's watching I (heart) Huckabees.

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