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Moshe 05.07.2017 11:15 AM

Lee Ranaldo - Electric Trim (2017)

Mute is excited to announce the signing of Sonic Youth founding member Lee Ranaldo. Lee’s new solo album, Electric Trim, will be released later this year and will be supported by a string of US tour dates (dates below). Regarding his signing with Mute, Lee says, “I’m thrilled to have Mute releasing my new album, I am so excited about this record, I think it’s possibly the best thing I’ve ever done. I look forward to working with Mute friends old and new and getting this music heard.”

The Fred Riedel documentary about the making of Lee’s new album Hello Hello Hello : Lee Ranaldo : Electric Trim will screen this Friday and Saturday at the Montclair Film Festival in New Jersey. In the film, he and producer/composer Raül ‘Refree’ Fernandez guide the viewer through the process of recording Electric Trim. Lee will also be in attendance for the Saturday screening where he will perform a few songs and engage in a Q&A session.

More information here:


13th June – Richmond, VA – Broadberry
14th June – Carrboro, NC – Arts Center
15th June – Athens, GA – 40 Watt
16th June – Atlanta, GA – Smith’s Olde Bar
17th June – Birmingham, AL – Saturn

18th June – New Orleans, LA – Gasa Gasa
19th June – Houston, TX – White Oak Music Hall
20th June – Dallas, TX – Sons of Hermann Hall
21st June – Austin, TX – The North Door
23rd June – Oxford, MS – Proud Larry’s
24th June – Nashville, TN – The Anchor

Severian 05.07.2017 11:46 AM

I read about this! How exciting! Lee and Thurston so often seem to release albums in the same year (or roughly the same 6- to 8-month span).

Which he wasn't restricting his touring to the south. The south is terrible. What's with that?

Anyway, I don't love the album title. Sounds a bit uncharacteristically tacky for Lee. It would be a HELL of a band name though ... not sure why I hold Album titles and band names to different tackiness standards, but I guess I do.

Very excited about this.

Screaming Skull 05.08.2017 12:51 PM

guest 05.08.2017 11:48 PM

is this the acoustic record or is it an actual album (burnnnnn)

Moshe 05.09.2017 09:12 AM

guest 05.09.2017 10:00 AM

sweet, just got so much more excited about this -- always thought lee deserved a more intently constructed record to articulate how beautiful a songwriter he is. hopefully he lets licht go off here though...

dasx 05.11.2017 03:30 AM

Lee Ranaldo's gig last year in Helsinki was awesome! Raul Fernandez and other spanish guy were his backing band on that tour. I've been waiting for Electric Trim to be released since and now it's finally gonna happen. Great!

tesla69 05.12.2017 04:04 PM

new lp on Mute of all labels! whoduthunk?

The Soup Nazi 05.12.2017 08:42 PM


Originally Posted by Screaming Skull

What's with all the scantilycladness after the article?

Severian 05.13.2017 08:36 PM


Originally Posted by tesla69
new lp on Mute of all labels! whoduthunk?

Seems like a decent fit. Me, I'd wanna roll with Drag City. But whatever.

Moshe 06.13.2017 10:19 AM

Lee Ranaldo has announced details of a brand new album, Electric Trim, out on 15 ‎September 2017, and embarks on a US tour in June.‎
‎ ‎
The nine-track album marks a return to the Mute family for Ranaldo, who says: “I’m so excited ‎about this record, it represents new developments and directions for me and I can’t wait ‎to hit the road and play this music live. I’m also so pleased to partner with Mute for this ‎release – it’s like a homecoming of sorts as Sonic Youth’s early records were released ‎on Blast First / Mute. To me Mute has always been a true artist’s label, concentrating ‎first and foremost on the music. I can’t wait for everyone to hear this music.”‎
Electric Trim was recorded in New York City and Barcelona in collaboration with producer Raül ‘Refree’ Fernandez ‎and extends the work of Ranaldo's solo canon, the most recent being his ‎‎2013 album, Last Night On Earth.‎
‎ ‎
Through his collaboration with Fernandez, Ranaldo moves into some rich new sonic territories and ‎production techniques, experimenting with electronic beats and samples alongside live players.‎
Listen to the first track, ‘Circular (Right As Rain)’, here:
Ranaldo is a co-founder of Sonic Youth, a visual artist, producer and writer. In addition to ‎Fernandez, he worked with several special guests on Electric Trim, including Sharon Van Etten who sings on six of the tracks and duets on ‘Last Looks’ and Kid Millions ‎(aka Man Forever) as well as longtime friend and collaborator Nels Cline (Wilco). In addition, the album ‎features Ranaldo’s band The Dust (fellow Sonic Youth member Steve Shelley, guitarist Alan Licht, and bassist Tim Lüntzel).‎
‎ ‎
Ranaldo collaborated with award winning New York author Jonathan Lethem (Motherless ‎Brooklyn / The Fortress of Solitude) for lyrics on six of the songs and the American artist, Richard ‎Prince, who previously painted the sleeve for Sonic Youth’s 2004 album Sonic Nurse, created the ‎artwork for the album.‎

Moroccan Mountains
Uncle Skeleton
Let’s Start Again
Last Looks (with Sharon Van Etten)‎
Circular (Right As Rain)‎
Electric Trim
Thrown Over The Wall
New Thing
‎ ‎
Lee Ranaldo – vocals, acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, electronics, drums, marimba
Raül Refree – acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, electronics and programming, bass, drums, ‎backing vocals
Sharon Van Etten - vocals
Alan Licht – electric guitar
Tim Luntzel - bajo
Nels Cline - electric guitar
Steve Shelley - drums
Kid Millions - drums
Xavi de la Salud - trumpets and flugelhorns
Cody Ranaldo – electronics
Mar Girona – backing vocals
‎ ‎
‎13 June - The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
‎15 June - 40 Watt Club, Athens, GA‎
‎17 June – Saturn, Birmingham, AL
‎18 June - Gasa Gasa, New Orleans, LA
‎19 June - White Oak Music Hall, Houston, TX
‎20 June - Sons of Hermann Hall, Dallas, TX
‎21 June - The North Door, Austin, TX
‎23 June - Proud Larry's, Oxford, MS
‎24 June - The Anchor Fellowship, Nashville, TN

Further dates to be added, for full details and ticket links, go to

A feature length documentary, HELLO HELLO HELLO : LEE RANALDO : ELECTRIC TRIM, on ‎the year-long making of the album by filmmaker Fred Riedel recently premiered at the Montclair ‎Film Festival, watch the trailer here:


Moshe 06.13.2017 12:09 PM


The Soup Nazi 06.13.2017 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by Moshe

The Amazon link there takes you to their Goo page (?!). Amazon UK has a page for Electric Trim; Amazon US, on the other hand, is only offering silly mp3s for now. Anyway, what's with the ELECTRIC TRIM MEDIA PAGE? Apparently it's password protected... :confused:

ETA: Love the cover — did Neil Young write the text? ;):)

hirsute_biped 06.14.2017 03:24 PM

I'd like to think the wild swerving tracks on the cover were made by the character from In The Kingdom #19

greenlight 06.15.2017 06:52 AM

so finaly it is coming out. it took a long time. I mean by the time it is out it is already old material, hehe. but i am looking forward to how it will sound on the record.

evollove 06.15.2017 07:28 AM

I'd really like to know the story behind the cover photo. Did Lee come across the scene and shoot the pic himself?

themawt71 06.15.2017 09:43 AM

i think it's a richard prince photograph.

SYRFox 06.15.2017 12:32 PM

looking forward to hearing this

guest 06.15.2017 09:08 PM

artwork is lush

halgreen 06.21.2017 01:57 PM

I got to see these three on Sunday night. Three different approaches to acoustic guitar all in one night. I got to chat with lee for a bit, I was very awkward, but he was very kind. I asked him about the Screaming Fields of Sonic Love DVD and he said its all finished and should be out soon.

Lee's new songs were great, and the songs I recognized from his records with the Dust were fun to hear in such a stripped down environment. The only bummer was when this one kid would not stop texting. Up in the front of the audience, leaning on monitor speakers and just texting. I saw Meg Baird shoot him a glance, Lee admonished him during one song, and Steve Gunn finally just asked him to stop, and thats when the kid got a little upset. They closed with a cover of Neil Young's Revolution Blues....anyway.... here are some pictures.





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