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ilduclo 01.11.2010 05:39 PM


stu666 01.30.2010 04:43 AM

MV & EE @ The Blue Room, Ipswich, Feb 4th.

toxic johnny 01.30.2010 05:40 AM


Originally Posted by stu666
MV & EE @ The Blue Room, Ipswich, Feb 4th.

I'm going to see them in London w/Hush Arbors on the same day that I get back from Madrid. I'm going to be knackered but it will be worth it !!

Florya 01.30.2010 05:46 AM

Not much planned really.

Mono @ Scala on my birthday
Efterklang @ Brighton Concorde 2 on 19 April
Chris Cunningham @ Brighton Dome on 20 April

loubarret 01.30.2010 05:56 AM

Jackie o-motherfucker I hope i can go.

toxic johnny 01.30.2010 06:32 AM

Thanks to a tip from Blunderbuss in the London Gig guide I'm going to see Lou Reed's Metal Machine Trio at the Royal Festival Hall... thanks BB

Florya 01.30.2010 12:25 PM

Just got a ticket for Johann Johannsson @ St Giles in the Fields on May 27!!

Assembly 01.31.2010 02:24 AM

Looking forward to:
Newband (Harry Partch instruments)
Anthony Coleman
St. Vincent

and my group is playing with Extra Life (psyched!)

TheFoxBen 01.31.2010 10:43 AM

Clark on February 11
Japandroids on February 18
Beach House on Feburary 22
Nosaj Thing on March 5
Girls on March 6
Phoenix on March 27
A Silver Mt. Zion on April 2
Autechre on April 9
65daysofstatic and Mount Eerie on April 11
The Residents on April 28
LCD Soundsystem on May 5

This is a good year for concerts in Brussels, guys !

Florya 02.18.2010 03:45 AM

Mono @ Scala on my birthday

Chris Cunningham @ Brighton Dome on 20 April
A Place to Bury Strangers @ Heaven on 25 May
Johann Johannsson + Nils Frahm @ St Giles on 27 May

_slavo_ 02.18.2010 04:35 AM

I might go and see Autechre next month.
Other than that, I will just be listening to my own live production next Sunday.

blunderbuss 02.19.2010 02:37 PM

No Fun Acid

Pookie 02.19.2010 03:36 PM

Going to see The Tiger Lillies next month

Anybody seen them live? I'm looking forward to it but think there's a fair chance they could get annoying watching a whole show.

a-p a. niemi 02.24.2010 04:23 AM

Kind of late, but I saw yesterday Taco Bells with Pekko Käppi.
Some badass violin-sax-bass-drums-free-jazz, though it would've been nice to see Pekko playing jouhikko instead of violin.

pokkeherrie 03.01.2010 07:03 PM

I haven't been to a lot of gigs lately, but for the next few months I'm intending to go to these and then some more:
White Hills, Chris Corsano/Joe Mcphee, Oneohtrix Point Never, Little Claw, Eyehategod, Nachtmystium, Church of Misery, Darkspace, Goatsnake, Shonen Knife, Pavement, Rangda, Slayer...

Phlegmscope 03.25.2010 03:49 AM

Fleshpress and Church of Misery tonight. I'm in the hopes that it'll be Fuckin' heavy.

pokkeherrie 03.25.2010 10:45 AM

^^^You should be in for a treat.
Church of Misery absolutely destroyed Roadburn 2008 and Roadburn 2009.

Pookie 03.25.2010 11:19 AM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
They came to Mexico a couple years ago, but i missed them.

If you'd like to listen to a few live recordings to get an idea of what to expect from one of their shows, let me know and i'll upload something for you.

I missed this! Thanks for the offer. I went to see them last night. I'm not sure what I think. I enjoyed it, it was in a very small (100 seat) venue which added to the experience.

I think I expected them to be a lot darker and less comedic.

Still it's rare that anyone worth watching comes to this shithole.

scott v 03.25.2010 01:22 PM

well i'm not just going... i'm playing a solo set tonite, opening for the Magik Markers in Buffalo also Steve Baczkowski (has played w/ Flaherty & Corsano) is on the bill doing a duo set.

davenotdead 03.25.2010 01:31 PM

joanna newsom tomorrow. maybe Caribou in May

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