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Rob Instigator 08.27.2019 01:34 PM

Anyone up for my Fantasy Football league?
it is 2019, and I am in my 15th year of running the Instigator Fantasy Football League. (on Yahoo)

It is free to play, we have 13 teams and are looking for one more coach. There is an optional cash buy-in for those that wanna gamble ($30 a person. winner/top ranked participant gets $120, 2nd gets $60 ad 3rd breaks even.)

it is a fun league, with some defensive players in roster. good times

!@#$%! 08.27.2019 01:44 PM

Man City wins again...


(I’m sorry, I’ve no idea who the fuck anyone is in hand-ovoid... was just bumping this thread)

Rob Instigator 08.27.2019 03:22 PM


choc e-Claire 08.27.2019 04:44 PM

I'm mildly interested, but I can barely name any NFL players - I just know you have an obsession with us Aussies doing what's completely normal in our games.

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