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RdTv 10.18.2008 06:12 PM

just bought the original today.... yes!!

Dead-Air 10.18.2008 08:56 PM

"Nil" by Autechre from Amber

uhler 10.18.2008 09:07 PM


Death & the Maiden 10.18.2008 10:15 PM

Mojo presents Beloved
An Indie compilation. The song on right now is The Revolutionary Spirit by The Wild Swans. It's an amazing song.

greedrex 10.19.2008 03:38 AM



stu666 10.19.2008 03:43 AM

My Cat Is An Alien - Blank View (on

blunderbuss 10.19.2008 03:57 AM

V/A - Melatonin, Meditations on Sound in Sleep

It's inspired me to go looking for some of Chris Watson's stuff.

stu666 10.19.2008 04:07 AM

hey blunderbuss, with yr link yesterday to Bardo Ponds Hawkwind cover on you've inspired me to spend more time on that site, i've been a member since feb but had only checked out a handfull of tracks but now i'm becoming addicted :D

Ashtray Navigations - Icing Sugar Ceiling Rain (on

Death & the Maiden 10.19.2008 05:35 AM

The Cure - Disintegration

shentov 10.19.2008 06:14 AM

Grete 10.19.2008 06:27 AM

karen revisited > sy

stu666 10.19.2008 06:27 AM


sonic sphere 10.19.2008 08:53 AM

neil young & crazy horse-zuma

sonic sphere 10.19.2008 09:34 AM

neil young-after the gold rush

stu666 10.19.2008 10:33 AM

July 27,1987

(from dime)

sonic sphere 10.19.2008 10:49 AM

acid mothers gong-live in nagoya

Derek 10.19.2008 10:50 AM

The Isn't Anything remaster... it sounds great!

[Sandbag] 10.19.2008 10:57 AM

good album... im in a 'loveless' stage at the moment.
like it a *bit* better than Isn't anything.

jimbrim 10.19.2008 11:59 AM

Keiji Haino - Black Blues (violent version)

Dead-Air 10.19.2008 01:19 PM

"A Free" by The Berg Sans Nipple

StevOK 10.19.2008 01:42 PM

Listening to SY's Dirty. Before that I listened to Yrself Is Steam by Mercury Rev.

batreleaser 10.19.2008 04:08 PM

Rubber O Cement-High Speed Electronic Card Board

Pookie 10.19.2008 05:58 PM


This Is Not Here 10.19.2008 06:02 PM

Jesus and Mary Chain - Some Candy Talking E.P.

Dead-Air 10.19.2008 06:54 PM

Repetition by Unwound, the album they made when they were my neighbors.

Pookie 10.19.2008 06:56 PM

Sorry, is it drop-a-name week in Portland?

atsonicpark 10.19.2008 06:56 PM

roxy music - viva

Dead-Air 10.19.2008 07:01 PM


Originally Posted by Pookie
Sorry, is it drop-a-name week in Portland?

I don't know, should I ask Matt Damon?

batreleaser 10.19.2008 08:03 PM

now: Cluster-Zuckerzeit


Suishou no Fune-Prayer for Chibi
Pink Floyd-Atom Heart Mother
Grateful Dead-History of the Grateful Dead Volume 1 (Bear's Choice)
Sick LLama-Holy Ghost Double Casette
Fag Tapes Super Street 2 "Street Freaks"
Kites-M.N.R.G. Casettes
Prince and the Revolution-Purple Rain

atsonicpark 10.19.2008 08:05 PM

shadowy men on a shadowy planet

Dead-Air 10.19.2008 08:24 PM

Ute Lemper - But One Day

uhler 10.20.2008 04:31 AM


Originally Posted by Dead-Air
Repetition by Unwound, the album they made when they were my neighbors.

their best album.

greedrex 10.20.2008 05:25 AM


Originally Posted by Pookie
Sorry, is it drop-a-name week in Portland?

Thurston came for a quick cup of coffee this morning, he says hi to you all.

sonic sphere 10.20.2008 06:35 AM

pavement-wowee zowee sordid sentinels edition

Pookie 10.20.2008 06:46 AM

Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros - Acton Town Hall Firefighters' Benefit


noisereductions 10.20.2008 07:12 AM


The best.

batreleaser 10.20.2008 07:38 AM

Beefheart Grow Fins Box Disc 2

stu666 10.20.2008 07:48 AM


Pookie 10.20.2008 07:50 AM

Oki - Kamuy Kor Nupurpe


Although my copy has a completely different cover.

lechaoscestmoi 10.20.2008 08:34 AM

hatful of hollow

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