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Sonic Youth 37 07.10.2008 08:27 PM


Sonic Youth 37 07.10.2008 09:33 PM


Everyneurotic 07.10.2008 10:19 PM


viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 10:25 PM

The three albums I listened to today:



And I took a break from my new ones to listen to this old favorite with my friend:


And coming up for tomorrow:

acousticrock87 07.10.2008 10:31 PM

I never did find that Sun O))) CD.

viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 10:34 PM

Really. That sucks : /.
You could look for Altar which is pretty similar.

acousticrock87 07.10.2008 10:34 PM

But the cover is half the reason I want it...

viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 10:37 PM

Oh I know.. well the cover deffinitley is a good indicator of what you get on the album.
I'm sure you can get it online. But finding in a store is much more fun.

Everyneurotic 07.10.2008 10:44 PM

black one and altar are completely different.

viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 10:48 PM

I probably got Altar mixed up with another one I've heard. I only own black one.

Everyneurotic 07.10.2008 10:56 PM

altar is more song-oriented.

viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 11:01 PM

Oh ok. That's the one they did with boris right?

Everyneurotic 07.10.2008 11:04 PM

yep, mainly. it is billed "sunn o))) & boris".

viewtiful_alan 07.10.2008 11:11 PM

Kim thyail is on it also right?

Everyneurotic 07.11.2008 12:20 AM

yeah, on the last song, i think.

uhler 07.11.2008 12:31 AM


drrrtyboots 07.11.2008 06:34 AM

Abe Vigoda - Skeleton

Crazy tropical shit.

atsonicpark 07.11.2008 06:59 AM

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

MellySingsDoom 07.11.2008 07:44 AM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
"I did not have sexual relations with that woman"

Oh, I know that, it's from the Bill Clinton Busy Hands Blues Boys "Songs For Swinging Interns" album. A real doozy, and definitely not made up at all. Oh no, sirree.

batreleaser 07.11.2008 08:52 AM

religious knives-s/t

mangajunky 07.11.2008 09:13 AM

This morning I was listening to The Scream by Siouxsie and the Banshees and Pop by Tones on Tail.

stu666 07.11.2008 10:45 AM

Tarp - Drugged by the heat!

marleypumpkin 07.11.2008 10:50 AM

Moonshine Stage - Summercamp
Chillicothe, IL

atsonicpark 07.11.2008 02:12 PM

yes indeed, melly, saxaphone legend slick willy's lone solo album made quite the impression!

Florya 07.11.2008 02:18 PM


Tontos Collectors CD
Basically it's 'Tonto Rides Again' remastered from the original analogue tapes by Malcom Cecil with a new track called 'Bittersweet' as a bonus.

ithinkimissyou 07.11.2008 04:00 PM

blondie - angels on the balcony

viewtiful_alan 07.11.2008 04:26 PM

I love that song.
Highly underrated.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.11.2008 06:21 PM





Sonic Youth 37 07.11.2008 06:49 PM


Originally Posted by Dr. Eugene Felikson


Great albums! Might queue up something by them tonight.

Danny Himself 07.11.2008 06:55 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.11.2008 06:57 PM


Originally Posted by Sonic Youth 37
Great albums! Might queue up something by them tonight.

Yeah, I know. It's the perfect soundtrack, at the moment. I got the tunes blaring and I'm enjoying a pleasant Michigan summer evening locked, and smoking in my air-conditioned room with my girlfriend who just got back from Cali.

Isn't life swell?



atsonicpark 07.11.2008 06:59 PM

i heard it's hilarious to download this and put it in your soulseek folder to piss off metallica fans.

(and yes I'm a metallica fan)

(but I'm not a fan of their fans)

Sonic Youth 37 07.11.2008 07:07 PM

Led Zeppelin
San Francisco, CA

Crumb's Crunchy Delights 07.11.2008 07:11 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
i heard it's hilarious to download this and put it in your soulseek folder to piss off metallica fans.

(and yes I'm a metallica fan)

(but I'm not a fan of their fans)

your willingness to demonstrate your own stupidity is admirable.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.11.2008 07:39 PM


atsonicpark 07.11.2008 07:39 PM

It's not stupidity in the least, it was me being ironic... perhaps you don't understand my sense of humor -- it actually takes a little bit of intelligence to understand. That's why the people at lambgoat love me! Heh. is what I'm referring to in my previous post if you're not curious. Just having fun at the expense of others -- it's no fucking biggy.

Hole_Lotta_Youth 07.11.2008 08:29 PM

Bruise violet- Babes In Toyland:p

Sonic Youth 37 07.11.2008 09:08 PM


viewtiful_alan 07.11.2008 09:25 PM

Good choice sonic youth 37, as usual.

Sonic Youth 37 07.11.2008 09:27 PM

Haha, thanks. I'm trying to decide what should be next.

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