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hat and beard 01.25.2007 04:13 PM

Psychic Paramount put out a CD a year or two ago called Gamelan into the Mink Supernatural, which is their only studio album that I'm aware if. It has nothing to do with gamelan music, but excellent none the less.
I think they also have a live CD out, but haven't heard that one yet.

porkmarras 01.25.2007 04:57 PM

Do Thank Anal - Do Thank Anal

Rob Instigator 01.25.2007 05:02 PM

I have been listening to winant and moore's stuff, to shambala by hooker with moore and some other dude, to the latest wolf eyes, and to lee ranaldo solo shit

touch me i'm sick 01.25.2007 05:12 PM

snare girl - sy

Norma J 01.25.2007 06:01 PM

Waxwing: One for the ride.

DemonBox 01.25.2007 06:16 PM

G.G. Allin - Expose yourself to Kids


Tokolosh 01.25.2007 06:56 PM


touch me i'm sick 01.25.2007 06:58 PM


Originally Posted by Tokolosh

i prefer keep on your mean side

Norma J 01.25.2007 07:28 PM

Tim rogers and the Temperance Union: Ghost Songs.

Iain 01.25.2007 09:24 PM

Scratch Acid - The Greatest Gift

jon boy 01.26.2007 05:00 AM

chris morris - jam

compulsive diarrhea, jico 01.26.2007 05:04 AM

some teacher, shit what's his name?

RdTv 01.26.2007 05:10 AM

No album covers as of late and this is due to me not scanning any of the extremely raw and gritty funk records I've been immersed in for the passed week or two. Lots of 45's and a decent amount of 12 inch material. I go through a soul,funk,r&b faze periodically. Some artists include: Funkadelic, Third Guitar, James Brown, Tony Alvon, Cameo (old stuff), Earth Wind And Fire (stax only), Vibrettes, Dennis Coffey, Jb's, Rufus Thomas, Bobby Byrd, Eugen Mcdaniels, Faze O, Clarence Carter and some Bar-Kays.

Like I said I do this for some reason, listen mostly(90%) soul/funk for a few weeks and then its back to my usual rotation of every type of music imaginable.

sonic sphere 01.26.2007 05:50 AM


jon boy 01.26.2007 07:54 AM

sunn 0))) & boris - the alter

i am digging this thoroughly.

Gimpy 01.26.2007 10:59 AM


Inhuman 01.26.2007 11:02 AM


Originally Posted by Gimpy


Hey brian, are you online?

sonic sphere 01.26.2007 11:07 AM

megadeth-killing is my business............and business is good!

sonicl 01.26.2007 11:09 AM


PLANTS - "Double Infinity" CD (PARADIGMS012)
Limited Edition of 500 copies.

The label says:
"Double Infinity", the new full length cd from Portland, Oregon's acclaimed psych folk duo, Plants, is their most ambitious undertaking yet. Opener "The Sky Above seeks the Below" is an expansive chasm of languid organs and twinkling piano clusters swelling up into a crescendo of vocal introspection and sparse, glistening folk drone space pop. The title track, is a twenty minute Kraut Rock odyssey packed with fuzz guitar, bongo hypnotics, electric harpsichord, and driving strings. The album closes with the arcane folk madrigal "Gnostic Flame", an open ended acoustic bewitchment that serves well as a coda to this enchanting, celestial album.

I say:
Fuckin' brilliant!

Gimpy 01.26.2007 11:10 AM


Originally Posted by Inhuman

Hey brian, are you online?

yes sir.

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