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finding nobody 11.17.2006 05:01 PM


Iain 11.17.2006 06:45 PM

Peoples Choice - Do It Any Way You Wanna

Playing some 7"s generally but might stop that soon because it's annoying changing every 4 minutes.

nomadicfollower 11.17.2006 06:47 PM

Jesus Lizard - Baltimore 8-23-1992

If You Had Lips-----Amazing live.

king_buzzo 11.17.2006 07:04 PM

im on here posting and the tvs on, gotan project or whatever their name is are playing, but im ignoring it

Hip Priest 11.17.2006 07:09 PM

Radio Bulgaria International.

static-harmony 11.17.2006 07:22 PM

Pretty in Black- The Raveonettes.

finding nobody 11.17.2006 10:22 PM


marleypumpkin 11.18.2006 12:18 AM

Thurston Moore, Terrie Ex, Rick Van Iersel, Han Bennink - "Add Instant Life" (exhibition) Live in Holland 2002

Cantankerous 11.18.2006 12:21 AM


i used to hate this record but i've been listening to it more and it's grown on me, so to speak. like fungus.

zedius 11.18.2006 02:31 AM

I like that album too, cantankerous. The title track sucked, and malibu wasn't good enough to make up for it, and awful made me never want to hear any more, but then my girlfriend had it and it has a bunch of other songs on it that are good so....

NP: White kross live from the flux list. Holy shit this version is making me happy!

Bollocks_to_Pop 11.18.2006 02:35 AM

These are the albums I've listened to tonight.-
Sunburned Hand of the Man- No Magic Man
Magik Markers- Songs for Sada Jane
Gotan Project- Lunatico

krastian 11.18.2006 02:55 AM


BarbecueSmell 11.18.2006 06:48 AM


porkmarras 11.18.2006 09:58 AM


Because it matters.

RdTv 11.18.2006 10:14 AM


porkmarras 11.18.2006 11:08 AM


jon boy 11.18.2006 11:10 AM

bad timing - jim o'rourke

porkmarras 11.18.2006 11:40 AM


porkmarras 11.18.2006 01:22 PM


porkmarras 11.18.2006 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by Nefeli
like that cover. what is it..couldnt tell.

Mogwai's Ten Rapid.

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