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Derek 11.11.2009 12:07 PM


Bought this when I was 8 years old.

EVOLghost 11.11.2009 12:09 PM

sometimes it's good to let things go man....

Derek 11.11.2009 12:13 PM

Well hey the songs are still really catchy and they have some good guitar and bass parts here or there. The worst part is the singer though, what a wigger.

Torn Curtain 11.11.2009 01:15 PM

St. Vincent - Ryman Auditorium, Nashville TN, October 10, 2009 (from dime)

shabbray2.0 11.11.2009 01:50 PM

^^I cant see any pic. what does that refer to?

loubarret 11.11.2009 01:59 PM


stu666 11.11.2009 02:02 PM


looking glass spectacle 11.11.2009 02:09 PM


shabbray2.0 11.11.2009 02:10 PM

nice alternative to radio and all the "I dont know what I want"- listeners stuff

sonic sphere 11.11.2009 02:23 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.11.2009 02:57 PM


shabbray2.0 11.11.2009 03:04 PM


oh no - Dr Nos Oxperiment

Madlibs lil brother...damn hes good

shabbray2.0 11.11.2009 03:20 PM


lee ranaldo - all the stars in the sky

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.11.2009 03:30 PM


noisereductions 11.11.2009 03:43 PM


Originally Posted by shabbray2.0

oh no - Dr Nos Oxperiment

Madlibs lil brother...damn hes good

I found this album pretty meh. I listened to it a lot of times, but never grew to like it. I remember hearing BEAT KONDUCTA IN INDIA not long after, and it was a lot better. Oh No's got some big brother beat shoes to fill.

shabbray2.0 11.11.2009 03:47 PM

I always thought that too, that he needs to fill that shoes. but this is the first album from him, which blew me away, so much awesome Ideas, so much different styles. it works better as an album then as a collection of beats. the only flaw is that it miss the grittiness of the big bro, that by side its one of the best records from the family, in my opinion.

(btw I would like to kiss you like a grandma for having the murray street as your sig!!!)

Dr. Eugene Felikson 11.11.2009 04:27 PM


looking glass spectacle 11.11.2009 05:05 PM


_slavo_ 11.11.2009 05:14 PM


so beautiful, so much!

youthoftomorrow 11.12.2009 02:41 AM


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