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phoenix 06.17.2009 10:59 PM


sonic sphere 06.18.2009 06:21 AM


Shifty Prophet 06.18.2009 07:00 AM

Wadada Leo Smith & Jack Dejohnette

noisereductions 06.18.2009 07:04 AM


Originally Posted by phoenix

sndtrk to me in high school. Love it.

noisereductions 06.18.2009 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere


noisereductions 06.18.2009 07:05 AM


Originally Posted by automatic bzooty

this could quite possibly be the greatest thing on youtube. the sonic youth playin' i wanna be yr dog on night music. taking fun house to it's ultimate, glorious conclusion.

do you not have the SCREAMING FIELDS vhs?

sonic sphere 06.18.2009 07:10 AM


loubarret 06.18.2009 10:08 AM

Again the richard d james album

Shifty Prophet 06.18.2009 10:19 AM


automatic bzooty 06.18.2009 10:41 AM

this boy - the beatles

Torn Curtain 06.18.2009 11:17 AM

John Martyn - Inside out

al shabbray 06.18.2009 11:32 AM


squarepusher - selection sixteen

time told me that this is my favourite SQP album. cant really tell why

Zombie Robot 06.18.2009 12:59 PM


atsonicpark 06.18.2009 01:03 PM

Three Typical Average kids
inside a haunted mansion
Just by a chance freed a ghost
who made them Beetleborgs
Big Bad Beetleborgs
Big Bad Beetleborgs!
Hey look now
they're superheroes
with all these superpowers
Taken from a comic strip
and now they're Beetleborgs
Big Bad Beetleborgs
Big Bad Beetleborgs

stu666 06.18.2009 01:06 PM


nicfit 06.18.2009 01:11 PM


viewtiful_alan 06.18.2009 01:12 PM



automatic bzooty 06.18.2009 01:20 PM

the velvet underground - foggy notion

floatingslowly 06.18.2009 01:23 PM

in honor of my new robot zombie friend...

The Raveonettes - Beauty Dies & Sometimes They Drop By ep's.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 06.18.2009 01:49 PM


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