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sonicl 09.21.2006 10:41 AM

London gig guide
17-Nov-06 - The Front Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall - evening
Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill is a complete one-off - his "unmistakeable soprano saxophone has consistently tapped into the sound of suprise with good humour and an admirable lack of pretension" BBC Jazz Review One of the eccentric treasures of European impro.

17-Nov-06 - The Front Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall - late
Marc Ribot's Ceramic Dog

Seriously loud, genre-defying free jazz, heavy punk, post-electronica spanning the extremes of musical expression from the South Bank’s London jazz Festival artist in residence. "Marc Ribot's new power trio, filled out by the remarkable versatile rhythm team of bassist Shahzad Ismaily and drummer Ches Smith, is his rawest band in ages." Time Out.

18-Nov-06 - The Front Room, Queen Elizabeth Hall - late
Marc Ribot + guests

The culmination of workshops held throughout the London Jazz Festival, bringing Marc Ribot together with members of the London Sinfonietta, his Ceramic Dog trio and a group of young musicians. The group presents an exploration of the territory that exists between the differing musical languages of the classically-trained and the improvisational musician.

porkmarras 09.22.2006 01:51 AM

Section 25 Live in London for the 1st time in 19 years
They were one of the first Factory bands and their first single was produced by Ian Curtis from Joy Division...
They still rock and they play the Underworld in Camden on Sat. 11th November. More info on

porkmarras 09.22.2006 01:54 AM

Scaledown - Six disparate acts - Friday 22nd Sept (Free)
Featuring live performances from (in vaguely alphabetical order):

Don Tempi - With his unpredictable friend Porta-Toni, Scaledown welcomes reclusive 8-bit pop maestro Don Tempi, who shall be performing excerpts from his current work in progress entitled 'Music For Adverts'.

Isnaj Dui - Causing much interest on the experimental electronica circuit, Isnaj Dui conjures a unique blend of acoustic instruments and electronically manipulated effects. Concert and bass flutes are used alongside effects and looping devices.

Joe Williamson - Joe makes a welcome return to Scaledown following his debut with The Distractions in March. Mr Williamson, a renowned bassist in the improv and free jazz scene, performs a solo acoustic set for us this month

Nim - Nicely experimental yet strangely catchy electronic music all the way from Gothenburg in Sweden. Nim is briefly visiting London so we are pleased that he is able to perform at Scaledown.

Sweetie - The occasional solo project of Leisur hive singer and writer, Daniel Knowler, manipulating tapes and sounds to create dark and haunting textures.

Tom Griffiths - The mainstay of Screamer On The Hill treats us a solo rendition of his songs. A truly unique songwriter, equally at home with folk, country or blues.

Friday 22nd September - 7pm

The King & Queen
1 Foley Street, London, W1W 6DL

Cost: Free

porkmarras 09.22.2006 01:56 AM

Thursday 12 October 2006: 19:00-23:00

The Flea-Pit
49 Columbia Road
E2 - 7RG

020 7033 9986

porkmarras 09.22.2006 01:58 AM


porkmarras 09.22.2006 02:01 AM


new art on the Far Wall CLIVE
new art on the stair well LONDON CYCLING COURIERS

>> bar floor
open keyboard PIANO NIGHT

>> basement


>> basement
The fourth Openned poetry night


porkmarras 09.22.2006 02:01 AM

CLIVE opening night

>> basement
http://www.redzeroradio.nethttp://www.uglyfunk.com 01 OCT 06
8.00-8.30 ANDREW BAILEYSTAND UP "an endearing yet deeply disconcerting performance artist whose dislocated sense of fun seems to come from a different planet"-william cook gaurdian guide8-10 WELCOME TO WORMWORLD open mic poetry>> basementFUMAR: TOPLESS

porkmarras 09.22.2006 02:02 AM

open keyboard PIANO NIGHT

_____TUESDAY 17 OCTnew art in the libraryTHANIA PETERSEN - Lambs To The SlaughterAn Exhibition dealing with the Misunderstood Ritual ofReligious Sacrifice and the issues surrounding itthrough a photographic documentation of Eid-Ul-Adah.

porkmarras 09.22.2006 02:04 AM

November 2006

24th Nov-10th Dec
Mental Abuse (Part 1...)
City Hall
Greater London Authority
City Hall, The Queen's Walk,
More London, London SE1 2AA

December 2006

24th Nov-10th Dec
Mental Abuse (Part 1...)
City Hall
Greater London Authority
City Hall, The Queen's Walk,
More London, London SE1 2AA

porkmarras 09.22.2006 02:07 AM

**7PM - 1AM**

PATHAAN and his label GLOBETRONICA starts a series of parties called CITY HIPPY in collaboration with 93 Feet East.
On the night special live guest appearances by SONIK GURUS and BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA bringing the aural delights of their innovative sound.
Hosting the Pink Bar on the night is STYLE VISION who will be winding down after their 2 day Insight India 06 Round Table on Indian Design and Consumer Trends. Supplying the soundtrack they have DJ sets from BBC Radio 1s NIHAL and BISHI. This will be a very special gig with SONIK GURUS doing their exceptional live set, the DJs on the night bringing their box of cosmopolitan musical gems and BOMBAY DUB ORCHESTRA having just released their debut album on Six Degrees Records to acclaimed reviews.
Following a number 1 spot on leading hip LA station KCRW Bombay Dub Orchestras magical mix of India and electronica comes alive as they perform a DJ remix set with live tablas and keyboards. Expect a sound clash of East meets West.
So come on you Boho's, city slackers and global freaks come and get hip to what London does best and experience a cosmopolitan blend of beats, grooves and people.

porkmarras 09.22.2006 02:08 AM

7PM - 1AM

Come out come out wherever you are 'cause Hyperballad is back..!
ELECTRONICAT, the world's favourite western-electronic composer of the 21st century is leaving his Frisco Bay in Berlin with Miss Le Bomb to play some of their new unreleased material and some old favs. THE LIQUOR STORE will support them with their visceral sound and super cool performance and PEOPLE ARE GERMS, east London's latest favorite girl duo, will be spinning their records and your minds with their twisted music taste.
Still not sure if it's worth leaving the pub a bit earlier? I bet it is! You don't want to miss Antisocial heroes YRMUM YADAD mashing up anything you can't imagine to dance your pain away. And we are so happy to welcome back JONNY WOO to host the night and UNITED VISUAL ARTISTS to make you forget your flirt's last chat-up line with their stunning live visuals!
Pirate) + TEENS OF THAILAND (DJs inc. Prancehall - Vice) + Boom Boom Boom + v. special guests)
7PM - 1AM

Sick of Nature launch a brand spanking new monthly rave-up at 93 Feet East. DJs play fucking great DANCING music
including: spaz-dance/electro/rave/nu-disco/dancehall/anti-spunk/booty-core.
Three great live acts for the first month. Headlining we have Twisted Charm, who kick off their UK (and Paris) tour to celebrate forthcoming single Boring Lifestyles.
Break-neck speed drums layered with post-punk melodies and jerk-inducing sax playing. Almost X-Ray Spex-ish but actually a wholly unique sound, they are leading the fight against the legions of tiresome "post-punk" / "indie-pop"
bands around at the moment. Also playing live we have the magnificent Ebony Bones. Think ESG meets The Slits and then some. With Rat Scabies of the The Damned on drums and her on bass, this is a live show like no other you will have seen before, combining amazing outfits and a loyal following of frenzied fans. Opening we have the much-hyped (and deservedly so) Hadouken!. A completely unique grime/electro/indie sound that perfectly sums up what is going on right NOW. This is their first big london show- come down and check 'em out before your saddo mates innit. Teens of Thailand host the Pink Bar for the night.


porkmarras 09.22.2006 02:12 AM

The Spitz:
Fri 22 Sep
WACK NIGHT OUT feat. The Fontanas
A night of live music and disc spinning with bad ass roller-boogie, positively groovy hip-hop, Latino loveliness, jump-up ska and bootlegs. Brap brap brap!
£5 before 10pm, £8 after

porkmarras 09.22.2006 02:14 AM

The Spitz:
Thu 19 Oct
VEK (Mike Adcock, Håkon Høgemo, Karl Seglem & Nils Okland) + Clive Bell & Dave Ross
Vek is a Norwegian dialect word meaning a short musical phrase. Vek now also refers to a remarkable four-piece group comprising three Norwegians and one Englishman: all have a background in combining the influence of traditional music with more contemporary approaches to improvisation and composition. Håkon Høgemo and Nils Økland are unquestionably two of Norway’s finest exponents of the Hardanger fiddle and between them have probably done more than anybody to push the frontiers of what is musically possible with the instrument. Not content to keep within the confines of the tradition, Nils Økland is widely acclaimed as a renewer of traditional folk music, adept at building bridges between classical and contemporary music. He is a consummate fiddle composer and accomplished improviser with many recordings and international appearances to his credit. Karl Seglem is one of Norway’s foremost saxophonists as well as being one of the country’s only serious exponents of the traditional instrument known as bukkehorn or goat-horn, releasing several albums under his own name and with others. The music of Vek includes traditional material, original compositions and improvisation. At times it is hauntingly spatial, finely honed and minimalistic, whilst in other pieces the players produce a densely layered web of sound, with melodies, counter-melodies and rhythmic phrases all interweaving, creating music with its own powerful beauty.
£8 - Get Tickets

porkmarras 09.22.2006 04:14 AM

whitechapel gallery

Fri 22 September, 7pm
Wired Women of Whitechapel

late night fridays - adventures in music



Feat. Piney Gir + Anat Ben David + London Review of Breakfast DJs plus short films and suprises. Expect more splashes of kaleidoscopic multimedia electronics from the electric paintbox of Chicks On Speed member and WW founder Anat as well as Piney's warm, fuzzy toytronic take on country.

A girl-centric surge of electricity - The Guardian

Organised by Wired Women of Whitechapel.

Click here for the full line up

£5/4 concessions, Whitechapel Members and 2+ tickets in advance
Advanced bookings strongly recommended

It's been over a year since the meteoric Wired Women of Spitalfields Festival (itself the climax of the Spitz’s monthly Wired Women night) hit Old Spitalfields Market in spectacular style, consuming it in a cloud of bagpuss installations, live music, radical cheerleading and tombolas. Now the well loved night returns, this time at a new home at the Whitechapel.

Curated by Anat Ben David (Chicks on Speed) and Piney Gir, Wired Women was conceived to create a platform for women to do the unusual, to create a home for the bits that don't fit into the cookie cutter. It was also created to redress the balance made by the film Modulations‚ which purported to be a definitive history of electronic music but omitted the efforts of women.

2006 sees Wired Women evolve to include pioneering women not only working within electronics, but also in other art forms. There’ ll still be the obligatory girls wielding Moogs and Theremins but WW will also promote the work of artists creating exciting things within motion graphics, music video, experimental animation, live art and other forms of music.

Full line up
Piney and the Bluegrass Two
For her new album Hold Yer Horses Piney’s hung up her keytar in exchange for an accordion and put together a collection of rootin, tootin‚ country tunes. Yup, this is real country music, filled with heartbreaking tales of cheating boys, dusty road trips, and of course, D.I.V.O.R.C.E. ‘It’s old fashioned country music with a big city edge’ says Piney. ‘The songs are heartfelt and sincere and you can hear a sense of fun in them. And the ones that aren’t slow would fill the dance floor at your local honky tonk!

KTB (Katy Bennett) has been writing songs about elephants, vegetarianism and unrequited love since the age of 12. A previous finalist of the BBC Young Folk Awards, she released her debut All Calm In Dreamland‚ in 2002. Her second critically acclaimed album Bluebird‚ produced by her brother Joe from the band Goldrush is a beautiful, heart wrenching eleven and a half songs dealing with universal emotions of love, loss, despair, friendship and hope. It has been described as ‘Sophisticated mix of folk, jazz, pop and rustica with intelligent lyrics’ by The Independent and ‘Strikingly original’ by Uncut. Katy sings and plays guitar and piano in a country/jazz/folk/oddball pop style, her sparse arrangements are subtly augmented by guitars, bongos, cello, violin and the occasional bass and drum kit.

Synth Workshop
The Whitechapel space houses an interactive Synth Workshop kindly organised and facilitated by Sound Control.

Anat Ben David
Expect more splashes of kaleidoscopic multimedia electronics from the electric paintbox of Chicks On Speed member and WW founder Anat Ben David. Her performance will be a combination of music and video art with some songs taken from the forthcoming album plus new video material. Watch out for some onstage collaborations with Candace Close and DJ Jet.

Ninki V
One-woman-band Ninki V makes space age noises with theremin, keytar, Casio keyboards and toy instruments. She cites her influences to be supermarket shopping, bus journeys, charity shops, ebay, Casio presets, crazy effects pedals, aeroplanes, fairy lights and lava lamps. Sometimes she duets with a theremin playing skeleton marionette or shoots cap guns at the crowd.

Plus DJ sets by the LRB and Token Girl

Short Films

The Pixelettes
The Pixelettes are a loose collective of female music video directors and animators showing together here for the first. Alongside showcasing work by established artists, The Pixelettes are also providing a vital platform for the work of nascent talent. Work shown will include a mixture of new and existing pieces as well as some made especially for WWOW.

Carolina Melis (Nexus Productions)
Carolina recently directed the music video The Happy Sea, Colleen (Leaf,
UK). In the past year her films have been shown at national and international venues and festivals including the National Film Theatre, Edinburgh International Film Festival and Onedotzero. Carolina is also known internationally for her illustration work, which has been featured in
Design and fashion contexts as well as gallery spaces.

Kinga Burza (Partizan Films)
Whilst studying at university, Kinga made a spec music video for Will
Oldham, which caught the eye of Sydney musician Jack Ladder, for whom she started making promos. This attracted further work in Sydney for the likes
of Dappled Cities Fly and Red Riders, and in 2006 Kinga decided to move to
London. Since being in the UK, Kinga has shot videos for amongst others
M.Craft on 679 Recordings and Selfish C*nt.

Jasmin Jodry
Jasmin graduated this year from the RCA she has created installations and recently co-directed a music video for Audio Addiction. She is currentlyn working on an animated short film, Time Patrol. She has worked for some of the top post-houses and design companies in LA, New York and Europe and is now based in London.

Amy Engles
Amy worked in Japan for two years, whilst there she taught herself the software to make short films and animations using her home computer. Back in London she entered an MTV competition to make a music video for one of The knifes‚ tracks of their 2005 Deep Cuts album. She won that with her video to 'Rock Classics' and was commissioned to make a short film for the band to promote their album Silent Shout, featured in the July issue of Special Ten magazine. Since then she has made a video for prog rock band, Chrome Hoof and is entering the radar festival with her video for Coco Electrik.

Kate Rogers
Kate has worked in experimental moving image doing projections for live shows, sleeve design and music videos for a number of years. Her slant towards dance music is illustrated in the piece she will show, ŒHeavy Mellow‚ was commissioned as a music video for Chris Coco.

Maria Eilersen
Also known as a member of Revl9n, Maria‚s other outlets include video work for Swedish artist Frida Hyvonen (music video for 'The Modern'). Maria has also directed a short-documentary about Danish artist Per Kirkeby. She has studied film and has done short films and directed Revl9n's first video for
'Walking Machine'. Maria is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Aleksandra Domanovic
Alexandra is a new director and recently finished a video for Warp records,
'Jamie Lidell - 'New Me'. Her work concentrates on the everyday and gives it a unique edge with her considered execution.

This space will be given over to display paintings by Nerys Davies a portrait painter who amongst others has created paintings and drawings for the National Theatre and Mute Records.

Pookie 09.22.2006 04:34 AM

Maximinimalists II: The Brits.

Works by Andrew Poppy, Gavin Bryars, Howard Skempton, Graham Fitkin, John Tavener, Michael Nyman.

London Queen Elizabeth Hall, 11 October 7:30pm.

porkmarras 09.22.2006 04:39 AM

Tuesday 26 September
Barden's Boudoir, 38-44 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XJ
8pm / £5
Having slayed The Luminaire - and no doubt the length and breadth of England - Mobile, Alabama's renegade sons XBXRX return for a second London date before a trip across the Irish Sea. Their kamikaze live shows mate balloon drop dance frenzy, post-hardcore guitar onslaught, articulate experimentation and intense, cathartic vocals to create a relentlessly modern, political rock music that is as chilling as it is invigorating - check out their awesome records for GSL, 5RC, Narnack, Deleted Art and Polyvinyl if more evidence is needed. The current line-up is led by Chris and Steve Touchton (aka Vice Cooler and Snowsuit*) along with the legendary Weasel Walter and Ed Rodriguez (both of Flying Luttenbachers fame) on drums and bass respectively

porkmarras 09.22.2006 04:40 AM

Friday 13 & Saturday 14 October
The Hippodrome, Leicester Square, WC2H 7JH
7pm - 2am / £14 per day, £23 both days /

Click here for more information

porkmarras 09.22.2006 04:42 AM

Wednesday 18 October
Barden's Boudoir, 38-44 Stoke Newington Road, N16 7XJ
8pm / £5 /
Alongside Afrirampo, Oshiri Penpenz have pretty much exploded the Osakan underground scene with riot / performance blurring shows that combine self-immolating violence, buckets of puke on the floor of Tower Records and the kind of re-wired garage blues not heard since the house rehearsals for Trout Mask Replica snuffed a deep huff of Detroit amphetamine skronk. The Penpenz engage in a wild, high-energy guitar, drum and vocal jam of raggedy riffs, ingeniously sloppy No Wave percussion and the most insanely drooling vocal howls this side of Harry Pussy. This is seriously not to be missed! |

Arrington De Dionyso is probably best known for his work fronting Olympia's infectious swamp-stomp trio Old Time Relijun. But Arrington is also a distinctive solo musician in his own right, performing with bass clarinet, jew's harp and his own voice, with its unique multiphonic tone, inspired by Tuvan throatsinging and the ecclesiastics of Albert Ayler. Pushing the envelopse between musicality and pure energy, between shamanic ecstacy and lunacy, he enwraps rooms with resonant sound. Arrington's debut solo LP 'Breath of Fire' is available now on K Records, and comes highly recommended. |
Breath of Fire

A trio hailing from Glasgow's irrepresible art school scene, Park Attack consists of the insidious vocal scrawl and groaning guitar drone of Rob Churm, the synthesised yelp of Jamie Grier, and the instinctively shambolic, yet biting drums, of Lorna Gilfedder. Their sound's a frantic mix of stomp rock, slop punk and no wave stylings - think Magik Markers with blips and beeps and maybe you're somewhere close. Following a debut EP in 2005 for Optimo's OSCARR label, their debut full-length 'Half Past Human' is out now on Textile Records. | |
Tongue 'n' Groove

porkmarras 09.22.2006 04:44 AM

Tuesday 7 November
The Luminaire, 311 High Road, Kilburn, NW6 7JR
8pm / £6 /


Nalle are a Glasgow-based three piece featuring Hanna Tuulikki (vocals, kantele, flutes), Aby Vulliamy (viola) and Chris Hladowski (bouzouki, clarinet), who also moonlight as members of their hometown's jazz-folk big band Scatter. The Nalle sound is one blissed out, expansive drone, comparable to Tuulikki's Finnish compatriots Lau Nau or Islaja, but with a distinctly Anglo-Scottish twist. Nalle is like a children's toy - indeed the word is Finnish for teddy bear - a transition object between us and the world. Fused with magic, the haunting songs and sprawling melodies speak of our relationship with the sun, the mountains, and the ravens. Nalle's first full-length 'By Chance Upon Waking' is out now on Pickled Egg Records, and was hailed as "a masterclass in drone" by no less a source than Plan B. | | THE ONE ENSEMBLE
The One Ensemble is now, in fact, four in number. Once the solo domain of Volcano The Bear's Daniel Padden, the Ensemble has recently expanded to include Peter Nicholson on cello, along with Chris and Aby of Nalle on bouzouki and viola once again. Fusing Eastern European traditions, classical chamber music, mystical minimalism and free jazz into a heady brew, the Ensemble's music is otherworldly, magical and unmistakably beautiful. Check out their numerous releases for Catsup Plate, Textile and many more, if further proof is required. |
Farewell You Porcupine

Aum Sahib are a London-based collective - sometimes they are 2 people, sometimes they are 10 - who shroud themselves in a peculiar air of mystery. As the name suggests, they are heavily influenced by Arabian melodies, but meld this with a Western approach to improv, producing hypnotic loops of bass, electronic tabla, shruti box, flutes, pipes, sampled noise, spokenword and vocal drones.

Iron's Oath

porkmarras 09.22.2006 04:47 AM


porkmarras 09.22.2006 04:55 AM

Camden Underworld:

Friday, November 03, 2006 From 19:00 Adv £ 12.50 Door £ DEATH METAL

porkmarras 09.22.2006 04:59 AM

price: free (unless specified)
dress code: none
Social, The
Late bar with cosy booths and a casual feel.
Sunday 1st October – POP VULTURE’S SUNDAY CARCASS - Expect the usual mix of psychedelic strangeness, garage rock, motorik grooves and electronica from the POP VULTURE DJs. Very special live guests FRIENDLY FIRES + HEADLAND. Doors 6pm, £3 entry

Monday 2nd October – WASH YOUR HANDS LIVE - This month lets nibble on a sandwich of some beautiful live sounds with fine music in between. Special live guests THE HIGH WIRE and EMMA McGLYNN AND THE MONORAILS will be keeping things sweet and hazy. The Good Lord and That Boy Nervous will play records, it will be more than reasonable. The High Wire release their debut single of psychedelic shoe gazing country on the nation on Oct 2nd. Emma McGlynn & The Monorails celebrate the launch of the first single from their new album before embarking on a European tour next month. Doors 7pm, £2 entry.

Tuesday 3rd October – PAMFLET MAGAZINE LAUNCH PARTY – Anna-Marie and Phoebe host a one off party to celebrate the release of Pamflet, they’ll be joined by HOTEL MOTEL + KATE NASH live and a whole host of djs playing classic girl bands, shimmering electro and future pop. Free entry, Doors 7pm

Wednesday 4th October – TIRED AND LONESOME - A night dedicated to freaks and weirdos and people who look like Kerry King. Live – KID CARPET – Playing his first major London headline show in almost a year and showcasing new material from his forthcoming new album ‘Fantasticate Your Mates’. THE DULOKS – Sexy Comedy Pop three piece make their return to the social to yet again berate the regulars and to entertain with songs such as ‘Help I’m turning into Mick Jagger’ and new smash hit ‘Morman Loving Momma’. DJs – Huw Stephens, the best DJ on Radio 1. Expect lounge cover versions of Slipknot songs. + Tired And Lonesome Soundsystem – Playing 13th Floor Elevators, Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve and some proper Mike Atherton style techno mate, radio fuckin rental. Free entry, doors 6pm

Thursday 5th October – GET INVOLVED - This month you get a live performance thrown in to the no-pounds-for-an-evening-full-of-fun Get Involved deal: Joe Driscoll is coming to show how beatboxing, guitar playing and some cunning use of effects pedals equals much musical fun. Special DJ guest, Snuten, will also be present and correct, spinning some of her all-time favourite tunes. And your host for the evening, as ever, is the master of musical fun known simply as G the P. Has there ever been a better time to get involved? No, quite frankly, there hasn’t. Free entry, doors 6pm

Friday 6th October – BREAKIN BREAD presents FRIDAY NIGHT BREAD - Breakin Bread's intimate West End Session. Dirtybeatbreakinfunkandhiphop with a bit of disco and a touch of soul and anything else in between. ROB LIFE and SKEG on the decks with guests from the record label including GHOST, NATURAL SELF and PAUL T (Color Climax). Free entry, doors 6pm

Saturday 7th October – BROADER THAN BROADWAY – The Social’s very own ruffnek diskotek has been running for 2 or 3 years now, Carlos cant work out how long sadly so they never have birthday parties, instead they go to town on their own birthdays – this month its TK’s. To help celebrate they have a triple live bill featuring JAWBONE the one-man blues/garage/punk band from Detroit, a P.A from MISS ODD KIDD, and analogue meets digital in the form of HADOUKEN. Plus they’ll be old skool garage, jungle, dancehall, hip hop and other electronic business from birthday bitch TK and CARLOSTHESOCALLEDJACKYL. Free entry, doors 6pm

porkmarras 09.22.2006 05:00 AM

Sunday 8th October – UNION AT THE SOCIAL - live: MERZ unites his electronica undertones with a singer/songwriter's heart, in a rare acoustic set, Merz will play from his acclaimed album "Loveheart", “eerie and hypnotic, with exquisite melodies and evocative arrangements” (The Guardian),often compared to Belle and Sebastian, James Yorkston , PSapp and The Earlies. With support from MICHAEL J SHEEHY + THE HIRED MOURNERS – songs about birth, life, sex and addiction that echo his contemporaries the Tindersticks and Nick Cave. KELMAN, a London-based 3-piece, play from their Velvet Underground & Go-Betweens-influenced debut album "Loneliness Has Kept Us Alive”. + THE MARY EPWORTH BAND - folk and country, filtered through a love of sunshine pop, gypsy music and psychedelia. Doors 7pm, £7

Monday 9th October – FITZROVIAN PHONOGRAPHIC – The seven inch imprint with The Social very close to its heart has its very own monthly party to help celebrate 3 brilliant releases and the next three to come too. We welcome BENJAMIN PROSSER + VICTORIA YEULET, JACOB FLETCHER, EUGEENE MAGUINESS + ARTHUR BRICK . Not quite sure how this’ll work with timings but get down early I guess. Doors 7pm £5.

Tuesday 10th October – NORTHERN STAR RECORDS – their legendary shows in New York and at SXSW have featured many great acts including The Black Angels, Anton Newcombe, The High Dials, The Lovetones, The Quarter After, HeadQuarters, The Vandelles, The Hiss, Dedelectric, The December Sound etc. Now Northern Star are bringing it all back home with a series of monthly nights at The Social W1 in London. The first one featuring SAY JANSFIELD whose unique brand of folk psych pop has been picked out by many critics as one of the highlights on Psychedelica Vol:1, THEIR HEARTS WERE FULL OF SPRING who specialise in pure wide eyed heartbreaking pop and they play it like no-one else, and some very special guests. Come and meet us all at The Social.... it's a night not to be missed! £3 entry doors 7pm.

Wednesday 11th October – BEESWAX - Oort presents Beeswax, a new night to celebrate the finest quality music, mixed with special live performances by both new artistes and some of the most respected musicians, from within the hip hop spectrum. Your host for the evening is none other than SCRATCH from THE ROOTS, expect new material from the man himself, plus a whole of guests. Guest djs will supply an eclectic mix of Old skool / new skool hip hop, through to trip hop, R’n’B, soul-jazz to jazz-funk. Free entry, doors 6pm

porkmarras 09.22.2006 05:01 AM

Thursday 12th October – KLUNK KLIK - Ben Osborne’s multi-dimensional techno night, Klunk Klik, returns to the Social to celebrate the release of Pentatonik’s long awaited sophomore LP and the band’s first live show in Central London for 12 years. The brain child of R Simeon Bowring, PENTATONIK merges classical music with oblique techno references, raw, psyche-blues guitars, acoustic rhythms and grinding electro, while visually suggestive songs like ‘Sapphire Turns To Dust’ hint at exploratory soundtrack influences. It’s techno, but not as we know it. This is the first time the band have played live for 12 years and as an aide memoir it’s on 12 October. Don’t forget. In house band Les Hommes Du Train provide the support. Free entry, doors 6pm

Friday 13th October – BLAZE OF GLORY - blowing the roof off The Social in true acid house fashion. Expect a musically diverse mash-up taking in underground disco, dirty house, twisted electronics and a vital shot of Balearica from our assembled rabble of record-slinging residents - Matty J (Tirk/Chibuku), Ben Terry (TSHDT?) & Neil Terry. Expect a minor riot. Free entry, doors 6pm

Saturday 14th October – ASBO - With an open minded music policy, expect to hear upfront electronic music, nu disco, acid rock, space funk, no wave, old school rave and bleeps. ALVIN C, RIOTOUS ROCKERS plus very special guests POLAROID DJS (leeds). Free entry, doors 6pm

Sunday 15th October – CITY FOLK – A real bumper package this month with four wonderful acts entering the city folk fray. Coming to join us and celebrate the release of his new album we have SAM BEER and his band. Support from EMILY BARKER + THE RED CLAY HALO from Australia, BEN CALVERT and his band, and the brilliant JOHN SMITH too. Doors 6pm - £5.

Monday 16th October – TACK TACK TACK - Having jacked Sweden for its best acts in 2006, T!T!T! heads towards 2007 Season brandishing the shambolic baggy electro from TOUGH ALLIANCE and hugely talented former Must Destroy signee FINE ARTS SHOWCASE London’s first truly international live music club for Swedish goings-on and stuff – you know, wicked pop, and extra-terrestrial tunage. are sending DJs to battle Big Scary Monsters are heading down to launch and party the “Svenskt” Compilation of fine moose-ical acts featured on the disc. Kopparbergs Cider specials at the bar. CD Promos on the door. Tickets in Advance £5, doors 7pm

Tuesday 17th October – HEALTH AND HAPPINESS - If the good Lord’s willin’ and the creeks don’t rise, we’ll be sure to see you on Tuesday October 17 for another shot of HEALTH & HAPPINESS – the recommended monthly intake of country, bluegrass, blues and other music for uplifting gourmandizers. This month, as well as playing some of the finest records ever made and showing some damn fine country films, we’re joined by the hauntingly beautiful PARIS MOTEL and Berkshire practitioners CASE HARDIN. Oh, yeah. Believe it or not, it’s all FREE! Free entry, doors 6pm

Wednesday 18th October – BRAND NEW BEAT – MR BRISTO joins the Brand New Beat resident djs SFT, Nash and Empire spinning eclectic mix of hip-hop styles, breakbeat, Funk & Soul. This month's live PA comes courtesy of super fresh hip hop crew THE SCRIBES. Free entry, doors 6pm

Thursday 19th October – HIP HOP KARAOKE - Putting a fresh twist on the ancient art of post-work karaoke, Hip-Hop Karaoke London lets you get on the mic and act out your rap fantasies to the fullest. check Free entry, doors 6pm

porkmarras 09.22.2006 05:02 AM

Friday 20th October - LO FIDELITY ALLSTARS present LO - The Lo Fi’s are an internationally successful dj and recording act. As a band, they have sold over a million records worldwide. Their first LP, “How to Operate with a Blown Mind” featuring the hit single, “Battleflag” went on to sell over 400,000 albums in America, making them the biggest selling British act in the US at that time. This is their London residency featuring their very own chaos and distortion decks and fx dj sets. Free entry, doors 6pm

Saturday 21st October – STOP MAKING SENSE - Expect future wonky classics from your hosts/professional amateurs Leaf vs The Anarchic Hand.
Think r n' electro-disco-acid-rock-funk-hop-kinda type
thing. Free entry, doors 6pm

Sunday 22nd October – TURNING WORM - Dave & Piers legendary live music happening this month presents The Happiness & L.R Rockets + Special Guests. Plus resident Dj’s the Truckin Laura’s. Doors 7pm, entry £5.

Monday 23rd October – THE LOCAL AT THE SOCIAL – A debut night at little Portland st from the gentlemen responsible for some of the finest bills around at the moment. So not too much of a surprise to see that they’ve bagged us a brilliant line-up, headlining is DENISON WITMER from Philadelphia who’s emergent circle of talented peers includes: The Innocence Mission, Sufjan Stevens, My Morning Jacket, Damien Jurado, and Rosie Thomas. Denison has toured with all of these artists, some of whom appear as guest musicians on his new record, ‘Are You A Dreamer?’, He will be more than ably supported by Thrill Jockey’s CALIFONE and New York’s AARON STOUT. Doors from 7pm, entry £5.

Tuesday 24th October – PROJECTOR presents THE NEURAL OHMLETTE - Monthly creative electronic night shenanigans of inspired beats and collective weirdness on the decks shaped around live guests ranging from noise assault, electronics and acoustic kitsch. LA HUGHES live...pop glitch bitch synth duo outrage and inform with their own brand of sub peaches circus act.. expect bad make-up and sexed up femo 'lectro..with for the glam crowd. DON TEMPI live...cover versions of classic 70/80s tv adverts done on retro pacers/esso/scaletrix...personally im looking forward to mcanes oven chips..."we hope its chips its chips"...adrian of vic20 fame will be performing the ultimate kitsch side for the nostalgia buffs. CHICKS WITH DECKS guest dj's...further adventures into the surreal and bad taste world of 7" electronics and girl pop...featuring jen from ZoltanKodalyschoolforgirls. VOLUNTEER/YIMKIN/SPANISH KARAVAN...resident deck heads go commando with their own brand of aural assault and loved up ambience...think good cop bad cop routine..cagndey and lacey style. Free entry, doors 6pm

Wednesday 25th October – AMATEUR ATHLETICS - Full steam ahead for Amateur Athletics as Autumn arrives and the seasonally affected twitch nervously at the thought of the clocks going back. We don't care though - we like Autumn and we're celebrating it with an action packed night. There's live music from ROYAL TREATMENT PLANT and ZEX with the usual DJing tomfoolery from POLLE VAN DE GASH, NEUBARTON adn NUTCRACKER. ROYAL TREATMENT PLANT will be promoting their new single 'Carry Me' and have been described as 'like the yeah yeah yeahs with soul, like Kate Bush getting her shit together in a biker bar'. ZEX combine pop sensibilities with backgrounds in funk, electronics, krautrock and disco to produce head music for the dancefloor. so there! Free entry, doors 6pm

Pookie 09.22.2006 05:10 AM


London Jazz Cafe.

October 2-3.

Toilet & Bowels 09.22.2006 07:18 AM

Thursday 28 September, 2006

The Bug, Loefah and guests

Plastic People, Curtain Road, London EC2
Tube: Old Street
11pm - 2am, £5

Saturday 30 September, 2006

Plaid, Alec Empire, Zan Lyons, Mira Calix and more....
ICA. The Mall, London SW1Y
Tube: Charing Cross
8pm, £10.50

Wednesday 01 November, 2006

Atlantic Waves

Max Eastley, Victor Gama, Akira Ribelais, Philip Jeck, Thomas Koner and more....
Various Venues, London
1st - 11th November 2006
Various times & prices

Deicide - 12th January 07 - ULU, London- w/ Visceral Bleeding

Don Caballero - 30th November 06 - Scala, London
Gojira 4th October 06 - Camden Underworld, London
Napalm Death 19th November 06 - Camden Underworld, London
Necrophagist 15th October 06 - Camden Underworld, London
Neurosis 18th November 06 - The Forum, London- w/ Made Out Of Babies
Watain 29th September 06 - The Dome, London- w/ Antaeus + Secrets Of The Moon + Kriegsmachine + Necroritual

Reverend Bizarre & Sourvein 28/10/2006 Camden Underworld
Church of Misery 31/10/2006 Camden Underworld

Masters Of Death (Grave + Dismember + Entombed + Unleashed)
4th November 06 - Islington Academy, London

soapbars 09.27.2006 11:40 AM

if youd like, you can come watch my band in london;

29th September
Camden Barfly

7th of October
Frog at the Meanfiddler

thank you

porkmarras 09.28.2006 06:25 AM

Treehouse Sunday Brunch @ Pogo cafe

Sunday 8th October 15:00-19:00
The Pogo Cafe
76 Clarence Road
London, E5 8HB
Cost: free

Event Description:

A chilled free entry sunday brunch at the vegan restaurant Pogo Cafe with musical landscapes
from soothing drones accompanied by accordion and guitar improvisations
to ambient pop and calm minimal laptop experiments.


krgn - laptop/supercollider/livecoding
e.g.ø - accordeon + field recordings
fubsan - laptop + depending on the mood of the day
Mandelbrot - bowed guitar improvisation + effects
cracktux - laptop/pure data


Katy 09.28.2006 06:47 AM

heh. I love the Pogo Cafe.

sonicl 09.28.2006 07:22 AM

Not for a while yet, but:

Queen Elizabeth Hall - 26 & 27 January 2007
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy

The shows are Bonnie's first major UK dates since he headlined 2005's Green Man Festival, and his first London date since playing The Forum the same year with fellow Superwolf Matt Sweeney. He released his latest album, The Letting Go, in September and this will be the first opportunity to hear the material live.

Tickets are priced at £20 and £22.50 and are on sale now. Click here (26th) or here (27th) to buy.

porkmarras 10.03.2006 08:10 AM


porkmarras 10.06.2006 01:28 AM



'You will feel like mice in a maze, with hidden treats lurking at every turn'


8PM - 4AM


An evening of experiments with you as our test subjects. Come and wander our 3 labs of innovation - observe or participant in the menagerie of acts, or be experimented on...

UNIFORM (Planet Mu / Ad Noiseam)
YELLOW 6 (Resonant / Enraptured)
PINK N RUBY (Wupadup / Prikosnovenie)
PEYOTI FOR PRESIDENT (Sordid Soup Records)
MISTER WHO (Dual Amp/Grinnin' Records)


VLAD SOLOKOV (Sokolov Sounds)
DJ JURASSIK (Supatronix)
SABREPULSE (Give Daddy The Knife / Merryworks / Megapixxels Records)
SMILE FOR THE CAMERAMAN, HONEY (Megapixxels / Big! City! Sound! / Breakfast Records)
DJ MARCELO MADRID (Kosmishce / Resonance FM)
MIKE CUPCAKE (Iconsious/Signs of Life)

HURLY BURLY (Burlesque Dancers)
FOOLISH PEOPLE (Weaponized Art)
NAUTILUS (Experimental Lock Down)






kind regards,
Guerrilla Zoo HQ

porkmarras 10.06.2006 01:29 AM


Tuesday 10th October 6.30 - 9pm FREE
South London Gallery, 65 Peckham Road, Camberwell, London SE5 8UH

Book Launch:
'Am I still Laughing?' - Dolly Sen
'How to be Mad' - Ted Curtis, Robert Dellar, Dolly Sen, John Hoggett, Pauline St Marie, Jeremy Hagues, Phil Lancaster, Nuala Hamilton, Alison Geddes, Lloyd Lindsay, William Ball, Fiona Whelpton, Stephen Jackson, Roger Cliffe-Thompson, Michael Shea, and of course Lady Gem Barker

The nervous sound of Ban's bedroom guitar music
Dogfood words + noise

Reading Out Loud:
Esther Leslie
Ben Watson aka DJ Out To Lunch

Book Stalls, Mad Pride, Art etc.

Buses - 36, 436 from Victoria
12 from Trafalgar Square / Elephant & Castle tube
345 from Brixton
171 from Tate Modern (Waterloo Road)

porkmarras 10.06.2006 01:30 AM

Gaz’s Rockin Blues tonight!

Black Cat Bones (my son…)
Girls On Top

at St. Moritz, 159 Wardour Street, W1F 8WL

doors open 9:30pm Rory will be on at 10:30 check him out!

Upcoming Shows
Oct 5 2006 gaz's rocking blues london w1
Oct 6 2006 constitution camden
Oct 7 2006 irish centre manchester
Oct 8 2006 acadamy 2 (supporting electric soft parade) liverpool
Oct 8 2006 corova (later on that evening) liverpool
It's awfully considerate of you to think of me here
And I'm much obliged to you for making it clear That I'm not here

porkmarras 10.06.2006 01:32 AM

Divers or Loons present:


Sat 7th Oct at…BG's a small club at the back of the Shacklewell Arms.
71 Shacklewell Lane,
4 pounds on the door. Doors open 8pm music from 9pm


Born in St Petersburg Julia Vorontsova is currently based in Paris. After months of asking her she has agreed to take the Eurostar to London and play some songs for us.

Julia ; “I was born in St. Petersburg in 1982, and although in western culture people describe my music as folk, in Russia they call it Bard. This is a movement that dates back to the 50s, which defines a genre in which only guitar and voice create the song. The main accent was on the words, so in most cases the poetry was more developed than the music.

People inspire me a lot, although often I feel much more in tune with animals and nature. Growing up in St. Petersburg, the city and its history had an immediate effect on me… there have always been two worlds that existed [in St. Petersburg]. One was the capital of culture where you inhale art with the air you breathe and the other was the city recovering from communism.

I am currently living in Paris , working on new material and starting to collaborate with other musicians.”

“Julia Vorontsova evokes both the gorgeous fading beauty of of her native Russia and the dissolute smoky nightclubs of Edith Piaf. You don't need the translations provided to understand the grandiloquent emotion behind 'Agape' and 'Grandfather': she sounds full of ancient knowledge...”
Everett True PLAN B Magazine, August/September 2005




“James Blackshaw has burst fully-formed onto the folk underground, his remarkable talents already seeming at peak maturity... Blackshaw has established himself as an instrumentalist of astonishing grace and delicacy, seeming as though he's gobbled and digested whole the primitive folk canons of Takoma and Vanguard. Relying primarily on 12-string guitar, Blackshaw's intricate creations web together Robbie Basho's wayfaring mysticism, Ben Chasny's soft-focused acid tongues, and the rustic fantasias of Sandy Bull.." -

"There's an indecent ease to James Blackshaw's guitar playing. His fingerpicking mantras are as melodic as a music box, gliding through dizzying tempos like clockwork. His raga-like instrumentals are not structured as much as woven, teasing out a single melodic strand to explore all it's textural possibilities. Such is the silky control he exerts over his instrument, Blackshaw often sounds more like a court harpist than a backwoods strummer." - Derek Walmsey, TheWire

Having started off running Uncle Sam's Folk we will now be running nights at BG's on the first Saturday of each month. This is a one off mid week event.


divers or loons

porkmarras 10.06.2006 01:35 AM

Whitechapel Events - Autumn 2006

Talks & Events

Thurs 26 Oct, 7-9pm & Sat 18 Nov, 2–5pm I Am Anagram Artist Aura Satz performs with her interactive sculpture drawing on visual illusions, & Hans Bellmer’s notion of the body as a plastic anagram. Free.

Thurs 26 Oct, 7pm Tony Bevan – In Conversation Marking the launch of the first major monograph in English on his work, Tony Bevan discusses his art & career with Richard Cork. £8/6.50 concs*

Sat 28 Oct, 2–5pm Crash Course – Unravelling De Sade Join Neil Cox, Senior Lecturer, Art History & Theory, University of Essex, to explore the work of the Marquis De Sade & its impact on Surrealism. £8/6.50 concs*

Thurs 2 Nov, 7pm Big Ideas – The Art of Absenting Oneself Curator & co-editor of October, Yve-Alain Bois talks on non-composition & impersonality in 20th Century art. £8/6.50 concs*

Sat 4 & Sun 5 Nov, 11am–1pm & 2–4pm. Survival Strategies – Portfolio Review for Photographers Photographers showcase their work to curators, gallerists & publishers. To book email £10/5 concs*

Fri 10 Nov, 2-4pm Photojournalism & the East End Paul Lowe, Course Director, MA Photojournalism, LCC & Jenny Matthews, photojournalist discuss contemporary photojournalistic practice. £7/5 concs*

Sat 11 Nov, 11-5pm Representations of Flesh A symposium exploring the philosophy, writings & art of Bellmer & Klossowski in relation to sexuality, the erotic & the body. £8/6.50 concs*

Thurs 16 Nov, 7pm Stephen Gill – Alternative Arts photomonth Lecture The photographer talks about the evolution of his work & current projects. Gill’s work blurs the boundary between art & documentary. £5/3.50 concs*

Thurs 9 Nov, 7pm Local Affairs – The Third Wing Fresh from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, artist Alana Jelinek brings her satirical exploration of politics, big business & art as a democratic act. Come & group-think plans for the future of our democracy. Free
Sunday Sightlines – Free exhibition tours
Sun 1 Oct, 2.30pm with Martin McGeown & Simon Thompson, curators, Cabinet.
Sun 15 Oct with Jennifer Mundy, curator.
Sun 29 Oct with Gavin Parkinson, art historian.
Sun 12 Nov with Peter Webb, art historian leads a BSL interpreted tour.
No booking necessary. Free.

Thurs 19 Oct, 6pm, Whitechapel. Thurs 9 Nov, 6pm, Space, The Triangle.
Local Affairs – Peer Critique A free forum for presenting work & receiving critical feedback from a community of artists. Network with artists over a glass of wine. Free.


New Semantics
This series of three screenings presents the first public showing of brilliant new work by young contemporary artists alongside raely seen work by Cerith Wyn Evans & Joyce Weiland.

Thus 5 Oct, 7pm
Redmond Entwistle - Paterson – Lodz, 2006, c.60mins.
£5.50/3.50 concs*

Thurs 19 Oct, 7pm
James Richards - Untitled (Cinema Programme), 2006, c. 20mins.
Cerith Wyn Evans Selected early work
£5.50/3.50 concs*

Thurs 26 Oct, 7pm
Samuel Stevens - Sin Papeles, 2006, 16mm, 10mins.
Joyce Wieland 1933, 1967–8, 4mins.
Pierre Vallières, 1972, 30mins. Solidarity, 1973, 11mins
£5.50/3.50 concs*

Fri 1 Dec, 7pm & 9pm Throbbing Gristle – UK premiere Film documenting the band’s first live performance for more than 25years. It is part of a 7-disc retrospective box set. £5.50/3.50 concs*

Sat 23 Sep, Sat 21 Oct, Sat 18 Nov, 3pm Open Screenings. Forum for artist filmmakers to screen & discuss work with their peers. To participate email Free.

Late Nights

Late night openings at the Whitechapel are every Thursday until 9pm with free music, poetry & entry to Bellmer, Klossowski & The Vicious Circle.

Pulse - Live Music in the Café/Bar

Thurs 12 Oct, 7pm Dexter Bentley + Horses Brawl Unhip-pop blues & folk songs with booming vocals, harmoniums & toy accordions plus music with roots in traditional folk. Free

Thurs 19 Oct, 7pm sub rosa Soaring vocal harmonies with rich guitar backing. Free

Thurs 9 Nov, 7pm Sjaak Van Der Bent + Mikhail Karikis Dutch ‘Zang Meester’ plus a sonic explorer, producing innovative electronica with folk & baroque influences. Free

Into Words - Live Poetry in the Café/Bar

Thurs 5 Oct, 7pm Apples & Snakes presents – Exposed David J, Claire Williamson, Stickman, Yusra Warsama & PolarBear perform. Featuring guest poet Byron Vincent. Free.

Thurs 26 Oct, 7pm Stand Up Poetry With Brendan McLeod delivering touching, funny verse at high speed & Luke Wright performing, Luke Wright, Poet Laureate. Plus open mic. Free.

Thurs 2 Nov, 7pm Stand Up Poetry Tim Clare performs filthy satirical verse Nathan Filer makes waves in spoken word. Plus open mic. Free.

Thurs 16 Nov, 7pm Stand Up Poetry - Aisle16 Scratch Night The boys present new work, derived from their seven-day tour of the UK’s Motorway service stations. Free.

Late Night Fridays - Adventures in music, performance and art

Friday 6 October Highlife! The best of Ghanaian highlife old and new with Jessica Antwi-Bosiako’s photographs. £5/4 concessions

Fri 13 Oct Long After Tonight is all Over Celebrating the British passion for American soul music. £5/4 concessions

Fri 20 Oct Where The Wild Things Are: Episode 2 A night of mayhem with hotly tipped female musicians. £5/4 concessions

Fri 27 Oct A Small Heard Of Instruments 3: Drowning in Fake Blood Celebrate Halloween with live music, scary films and freakiness. £5/4 concessions

Fri 3 November Shanty House Global urban music from Jamaican and Deep South Crunk hip-hop to London grime. £5/4 concessions

Fri 10 Nov Greedy Magpie Hunting for filmmakers, musicians, performers. £5/4 concessions

Fri 17 Nov The Wormhole Saloon Surround sound, live performance, installations and a plug n play room. £5/4 concessions

Fri 24 November Fulborne Teversham Extraordinary jazz punk outfit featuring Polar Bears’ Seb Rochford and Victoria Yeulet & Benjamin Prosser. £5/4 concessions

Full details and book at

Visitor information
80 – 82 Whitechapel High Street London E1 7QX
Tube: Aldgate East
Tel +44 (0)20 7522 7888

blue sunlover 10.06.2006 02:36 AM

i still have no funny money to visit NY s ghosts or London s bridge

porkmarras 10.11.2006 04:15 AM

[no.signal] is proud to present its second night of industrial-noise at the state51 warehouse. It will be loud and it will shake....


@state51 warehouse


7.30pm: DOORS OPEN



10.00pm: PITA vs. Z'EV

11.00pm: DOORS CLOSE

Music selection between acts by Sheikh Ahmed (failme/absorb).

state51 warehouse
8-10 rhoda st (off Bricklane, click for map)
E2 7EF - london
£5 entry fee (£4 booking in advance here)

porkmarras 10.11.2006 04:16 AM

From 25th Nov to Dec 3rd we are holding an open festival in E&C and surrounding areas.

We'll be covering London Bridge and E&C in posters, guerilla-style stickers and projections as well engineering tv/radio mentions and press on. Here's the opportunity to put on an event and ride the press bandwagon, as well as being part of an historic event. 2005 was film-based this year we are opening it up.

The bigger your event the more publicity it will receive, but we are happy to list a small live gig in the local laundrette for audience of max 20, for example. We can also help you find a venue, get licensing to charge entry or just take your listing for the website. Send ideas proposals, or even fully organised listings to: farnaz.bradley(at)
This should be done ideally before 6th Oct or latest 13th in order to receive proper coverage. If you come up with something later it will still go on the website which goes live Oct 6th

All times are GMT -5. The time now is 04:52 PM.

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