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demonrail666 08.23.2009 04:33 PM

Final: SYG Album Cup: Daydream Nation v Sister



As before, voting will end this time next Sunday.

pinkstation 08.23.2009 04:36 PM

where's the EVOL button?

Trasher02 08.23.2009 04:40 PM


Originally Posted by pinkstation
where's the EVOL button?


SYRFox 08.23.2009 04:41 PM

Where's the Bad Moon Rising button?

atsonicpark 08.23.2009 04:43 PM

Pfft. I voted for Sister.

jennthebenn 08.23.2009 04:45 PM

Voted for Daydream, but A Thousand Leaves is always first in my heart
and ears.

Stop laughing.

stu666 08.23.2009 04:50 PM

i love daydream but sister has to win

barry swedgin 08.23.2009 04:51 PM

Neither of these 2 would be in my top 5, but I voted for DDN. Hailed as a classic - and rightly so!

dirty bunny 08.23.2009 04:51 PM

Sister destroys daydreams.

mysonichaircut 08.23.2009 04:54 PM

nycgf**c wins

Toxa 08.23.2009 04:55 PM


acdc518 08.23.2009 05:21 PM

daydream, it works better as an album than sister

joe11121 08.23.2009 05:22 PM

Didn't see this one coming, *cough cough.

Voted for DDN though, Sister is a great too though

samuel 08.23.2009 05:31 PM

It's gotta be Sister.

Shifty Prophet 08.23.2009 05:31 PM


TheMadcapLaughs 08.23.2009 05:56 PM

sista sista, you don't know how much i missed ya! yeah i know, that was really kool!!!

pinkstation 08.23.2009 06:23 PM

stretch me to the point where I stop,
run ten thousand miles and then think of me... all that really needs to be said

StevOK 08.23.2009 06:50 PM

Sister. No question for me.

EVOLghost 08.23.2009 07:14 PM

DDN I voted DDN just because it was the first choice. I couldn't handle the pressure.

Sykil 08.23.2009 08:22 PM

I heart Sister... but Daydream Nation is just too epic.

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